Act Three, Chapter Three: 29

20th Oct 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
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Act Three, Chapter Three: 29
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Mar-ee 20th Oct 12:01 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Don't give up yet Beauty. Not when you've come so close.
rufiangel 20th Oct 12:14 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
That's quite a shocking revelation to come to. ;v;

Go save the one you love from this castle, Beauty!
Sarah 20th Oct 10:01 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Don't give up Beauty. You're almost there to find him and the truth about his background.
Elcia 20th Oct 1:32 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I like the tiny detail of miniacle castle whisperings. The Rose Daughter version of Beauty and the Beast there is also a hostile atmosphere but it was usually described as a low hum.
Mood affecting sounds are significant in their own right but malicious whisperings are more immediately effective.

Plus hateful phycology is a recurring theme around here.

Come on Beauty get your head in the game where's your poor Beast if he's not in the castle and the walls are closing in ..."figuratively" .... so far anyway....

Carol 20th Oct 3:55 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
Between this page and the last one I feel like you've really done a nice job illustrating the whispers and the feeling they bring with them. It's got to be hard to draw sounds and abstract feelings - you did a good job.
AshErika 20th Oct 5:17 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
come on, Beauty... you're stronger than this thing...

I so want her to pull a "Shut Up, Hannibal" and tell that evil castle exactly what she thinks of it and what it can do with itself
Cat 21st Oct 8:22 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
As much fun this comic is, I'm starting to feel like it's dragging on like a few of the late chapters in Battle Royale...
Guest 22nd Oct 1:17 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I mean the story is currently building up to those final moments where we get to tie all loose ends and such. It wouldn't be good to have Beauty run in to the castle and two pages later, find Beast, kiss him, and live happily ever after. In regards to this story, it would be too easy and rushed.

Seriously, if you are bothered by this story dragging then take a break away from it for a month and then read those extra pages you missed. Part of the reason you may consider it dragging is because we get two pages a week.