Act Three, Chapter Four: 01

23rd Nov 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Four
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Act Three, Chapter Four: 01
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MsMegan 23rd Nov 12:00 AM, 2017 edit delete
Chapter four already!
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Brunny 23rd Nov 2:59 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
This is turning less and less symbolic and darker and darker, faster and faster, and why is english a language so redundant in grammar and why are english people making up names of flowers and plants?
the selkie wife 23rd Nov 4:02 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
noooooooo argus noooooooo

love-lies-bleeding is a suitably ominous name -- is there a different name for it?

i'll wait for catservant and others to comment on the meaning of different flowers before joining in
Jessie Blue 23rd Nov 5:05 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Jessie Blue
Love-Lies-Bleeding is also known as Amaranth and is edible, but the Victorian meaning behind it is hopeless love.
AshErika 23rd Nov 5:20 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
so... after a rather hectic month or so, here I am catching up.


*runs in circles* pleasebeokArguspleasebeokArguspleasebeokArguspleasebeokArgus
britvulcan 23rd Nov 11:47 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
So, it seems that poplar leaves were worn by Heracles leading Cerberus out of Hades...

That doesn't seem applicable at all! (massive sarcasm)
LadyCorvidae 24th Nov 8:16 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
The meaning of the flowers is... well... grim. Very grim.
Hemp: Fate
Love-Lies-Bleeding: Hopeless, not heartless
Black Poplar: Courage

So... there's a spark of hope after all, I guess!
CeciliaOceanSkies 24th Nov 12:46 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
So, what I found was this:

Love-lies-bleeding -- hopelessness/ hopeless love (hopelessly *in* love?)
Hemp -- fate
Black Poplar -- courage

I'm sure their love does *seem* hopeless, and Beauty is having to build a lot of courage to seek it out regardless of the situation seeming so hopeless. Beast had to make a choice that could cost him his life to save her, and it was his last option - another show of courage in a hopeless situation. I'm sure things are going to get worse before they get better - beauty is going to find him on his death bed, after all. I'm also fairly certain that the fountain and Beauty's mother have a hand in pushing the fate that is to come for them. This story always has a lot of tragedy before the happy ending.