Act one, Chapter Four: 06

3rd May 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 06
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sheshallnotbenameless 3rd May 12:14 AM, 2013
Wow, what lovely neighbors! Someone push those girls into some piles of dung. If Beauty's a pig, that'll make them flies or even less than that.
cattservant 3rd May 12:29 AM, 2013
Order must be pecked out!
RosesnWater 3rd May 2:10 AM, 2013
I love this, well not child abuse, but the images are so well designed and focussing and perfect angles, beauty's outfit especially is lovely, I like the designs for everything in this it all seems so perfect with the time setting
Stitchlingbelle 3rd May 1:46 PM, 2013
Called it. =( Man, all those people who prattle on about sweet and innocent children clearly blocked childhood from their minds.
YoungMissDaae 4th May 4:42 PM, 2013
Members of the jury, I present to you proof that the b*tch has existed throughout history, even that of fantasy
Kim M 5th May 3:49 PM, 2013
...Thought she might end up in that mud puddle. :( I'm glad most of the eggs survived, but poor Beauty. At least she got a good shove in at one of them, but I'm hoping the Mean Girls get theirs later.
MsMegan 6th May 11:26 AM, 2013
She's probably got most, but not all, of those eggs still... At least they didn't get thrown at her!
dylanio21 6th May 1:39 PM, 2013
I love that 5th panel
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 5:49 PM, 2013
Such pleasant new neighbors you have there, Beauty. I do not envy you one bit. I genuinely wish I could scold the ringleader and drag her to her parents - but alas, she is a comic book character. At least most of the eggs survived the fall. That's something, at least.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:06 PM, 2013
This segment always makes me mad. Ugh, those GIRLS.