Act one, Chapter Four: 11

21st May 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 11
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 21st May 12:00 AM, 2013
Anyone out there? It's so quiet around here lately!


Kayla 21st May 12:09 AM, 2013
I'm here, just lurking <3
MsMegan 21st May 5:48 PM, 2013
ranger_brianna_new 21st May 12:16 AM, 2013
You have far more people talking on quiet days than I do on active days, so be glad about that. :P
MsMegan 21st May 5:47 PM, 2013
Just an attention seeker, I guess!
cattservant 21st May 12:23 AM, 2013
Out here, thinking about in there...

[Beauty has her hopes out.]
YoungMissDaae 21st May 4:13 PM, 2013
I simply adore this, it shows the tender relationship between beauty and her father. Do I sense some foreshadowing in the last panel? "if something unexpected happens", so beauty unexpectedly goes away... oh I do love a bit of drama!
MsMegan 21st May 5:48 PM, 2013
it is indeed heavy-handed foreshadowing!
Feathers 21st May 5:12 PM, 2013
Present! Every update, really. Just a lurker, not a talker. XD Lovely comic! Loving the process of the story so far.
MsMegan 21st May 5:47 PM, 2013
haha, it's funny to put a "face" (or username) to lurkers, because I generally assume the hits are all spamrobots or something!
Stitchlingbelle 21st May 8:26 PM, 2013

(Also, genderbent Batb FTW!)
MsMegan 21st May 11:24 PM, 2013
Ahaha, I'm having a conversation about that with a friend right now!
rufiangel 22nd May 4:19 AM, 2013
Just lurking, but definitely reading every update! Beauty looks so sweet in that first panel. <3
MsMegan 22nd May 11:04 AM, 2013
That warms my cold, dark heart! <3 you lurkers!
Laevateinn102 22nd May 2:19 PM, 2013
I'm still here too, just lurking mostly. Also I've noticed something about Beauty's Mother - During the dream that Beauty has about her mother's death I've noticed that her mother had clothes similar to a Swan, not to mention the Swan you drew on the BatB poster quite some time ago. Is that a nod to the story of the Swan Princes and Princesses by any chance?
MsMegan 23rd May 10:42 AM, 2013
It just might be! >)
dylanio21 23rd May 10:11 PM, 2013
You add a lot of drama into every page, each update holds a lot of weight.
Kim M 1st Jun 11:28 AM, 2013
I'm still here; sometimes I wait for a few pages before reading. (And sometimes I have nothing clever or important to say. Alas.)

I love Beauty's father's face---he looks careworn and strong and tender, which is just as I've always imagined he'd look. And Beauty's love for her father comes across especially well in this page. That fourth sweet.
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 6:36 PM, 2013
(Looks at comments.) You know, I thought about mentioning the swan princes and princesses, but I never got around to it. I do wonder if this story will be mixing some fairy tales, with "Beauty and the Beast" being the main one being told. On another note, Beauty looks especially pretty in that second panel. Her father just sad and tired, but still affectionate. It's a shame this happened to you, you guys. Also, the bird nicknames continue.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:14 PM, 2013
Papa does seem to know something's up--something more than just a young child being a little homesick. I'm sure he regrets not being able to do more for his family. And then Beauty goes and takes his place years later. How will he cope with that knowledge?