Act one, Chapter Four: 12

24th May 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 12
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kjdflsdjf 24th May 1:33 AM, 2013
Sulking Beauty is still pretty cute. Hope we get some backstory on the Beast as well!
MsMegan 24th May 9:21 AM, 2013
I promise he will get his moment in due time!
cattservant 29th May 7:49 PM, 2013
Time settles in spite of itself.
Kim M 1st Jun 11:33 AM, 2013
Awww. Country life (and no books) sucks.... Love seeing Claude courting Virtue, though. :)
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 10:22 PM, 2013
(Resumes commenting now that she's in the home stretch and emerging from her pleasant food coma.) Alright, so is chasing Beauty through the street really necessary, girls? Really? Come now, don't you have better things to do with your time than pick on the new girl? And Beauty, you could be helping with the weeding and...not glaring at Virtue and Claude. Ah well.