Act one, Chapter Four: 13

28th May 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 13
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alsjfljsf 28th May 12:12 AM, 2013
What a smart way to show the passage of time! I also love the constancy of it. I feel like it's like Groundhog Day, just the same thing over and over again. Which can be nice, but boring after a while. I especially liked the last panel and Beauty's expression. Like she's stalling to hear what's going on. :)
MsMegan 28th May 12:29 PM, 2013
I promise not to do this for too long ;)
Guest 28th May 2:06 AM, 2013
This is beautiful! I can't wait to read more!
MsMegan 28th May 2:00 PM, 2013
I'm so glad you think so!
Lavadiamond 28th May 3:48 PM, 2013
Who can't love this? I'm glad that I found someone else who's a big Beauty and the Beast fan as much as I
asfkjsfdj 28th May 1:23 PM, 2013
Re-reading my last comment just wanted to clear up that I meant it seems that Beauty's sort of stuck in a rut right now. NOT the comic. The comic is great!
MsMegan 28th May 1:59 PM, 2013
Oh, that she is! I'm glad that's reading already. (and thank you! I wasn't fishing for that!)

I still promise not to do this for too long. I know everyone wants to get back to The Castle at least as much as I do!
cattservant 29th May 7:53 PM, 2013
The Web of Life is often a self weaving process.
Kim M 1st Jun 11:43 AM, 2013
Growing up! And are those spots freckles, or the typical unfortunate adolescent affliction? (And Virtue and Claude! So sweet!)
MsMegan 1st Jun 7:22 PM, 2013
Beauty has some pretty wretched acne. I couldn't help myself. Luckily, she grows out of it! I'm happy someone caught Virtue and Claude!
ElegantMess 10th Jul 10:53 AM, 2014
The acne is a nice touch. Even beauty has to go through a messy process of getting there.
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 10:25 PM, 2013
Well, at least the girls aren't chasing you anymore, Beauty. Albeit you are now plagued with acne. At least you grow out of it naturally; some of us still need to use medication to rid ourselves of it (annoyed sigh). Temperance has improved with her gardening, it looks like, and...heh, Virtue and Claude really are hitting it off nicely.