Act one, Chapter Four: 14

31st May 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 14
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 31st May 9:52 AM, 2013
MsMegan's only 10 in the morning, but BATB has apparently had 3000 hits today? Either I am tracking some serious spam bots, or those project wonderful ads really do the trick.

Now, if only the comments section reflected this.... ;P
(subtle, right?!)


lkjsdfljsd 31st May 12:23 AM, 2013
The teen angst is over! I like the fact that you put in the first panel how she and her bullies aren't exactly friends but they grew out of their nastiness I feel like that's fairly realisitc. Her sister's antics in the garden always make me laugh as well.
MsMegan 31st May 9:48 AM, 2013
I was worried people might want more closure to her problems with the local girls, but sometimes there just isn't--people grow up and change. And goats will climb anything.
cattservant 31st May 12:28 AM, 2013
Time moves towards it's denouement, at once mysterious and inevitable!
dylanio21 31st May 4:26 AM, 2013
I also just love silent pages.
Laevateinn102 31st May 12:24 PM, 2013
Those 3000 hits were probably mine.... I keep re-reading this comic from start to finish because I love it so much! ^.^;

If there's one thing in this page I love, it's how things with the people who made fun of Beauty turned out - I've been through something similar with a group of people when I was young and when we finally met again they acted mature and respectful. Also I agree - goats will climb anything, but chickens are worse, they climb anything AND peck it to death, especially if it's sparkly like my clothes or sandals. :P
LESimmons 31st May 2:27 PM, 2013
Whooooaaaa, wait a minute waitaminute waatuhminitt, first you want us to READ it and then WRITE too?! You're asking too much of us, madam! ;)
MsMegan 31st May 4:43 PM, 2013
It's because I'm a terribly lonely person.
...trapped in an enchanted castle, somebody please come visit, my garden is really nice and we could do dinner.
Lavadiamond 31st May 7:02 PM, 2013
The teen stage has passed!
Kim M 1st Jun 12:02 PM, 2013
And now completely settled into the village life. (Just in time for life to completely change...figures.... :D) But I love seeing how Beauty's made her peace with the village girls---even if it might be a slightly awkward peace---and manages to find joy in the simple things in her life.

Also, Temperance and the goats are just as awesome as Virtue and Claude. She looks so disgruntled...and the goats look so innocent. Will we get to see more of Temperance and her nemesis in future?
MsMegan 1st Jun 7:24 PM, 2013
Maybe I should do a Temperance side story...she did have a pretty big sub-plot all to herself that got cut. It wasn't terribly goat-centric, though....
Kim M 7th Jun 4:40 PM, 2013
Gah! I meant to reply to this much sooner, but life, man.... Anyway, I would love to see a Temperance side story---even if there aren't goats. :)
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 10:29 PM, 2013
(In a stage whisper: I agree that the Temperance side story with her romance would be lovely!) I'm glad to see that the girls grew out of their hostility - that's really nice. Meanwhile, Temperance is being plagued by baby goats and Virtue and Claude are an item - and Beauty doesn't mind, hooray!

Edit: The grown-up ringleader and her baby look very similar to Virtue and her future baby. Of course, Virtue does not have freckles, so that is a distinction between the designs. But just thought I'd point that out.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:17 PM, 2013
This was my favorite part of this chapter, I think--seeing Beauty grow and change. And it's refreshing to have a subplot of bullying that isn't overdramatized or properly solved. It just ends as people mature. And it's sweet seeing Beauty properly fit in at last, both in her own family and outside of it.
nathyfaith 16th Feb 8:01 AM, 2016
I'm sorry I kind of went passing pages and being in awe and totally forgot commenting! *I love how you did the time passage, showing us Beauty's childhood, teenager time and as she enters the adulthood, it's really impressive! ;)
Mersang 20th Apr 2:59 AM, 2017
I like how you repeated the same backgrounds and characters to show the characters (namely Beauty) growing and changing over time.