Act one, Chapter Four: 21

25th Jun 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 21
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Kayla 25th Jun 1:34 AM, 2013
Beauty, is the price for a rose still fresh in your mind?

At least she is willing to try and be friendly with her host. Being alone is such a large home isn't easy for anyone.

Oh, and the way you make the Beast so expressive is amazing. His body language really helps readers feel the mood and helps the scene flow :)
MsMegan 25th Jun 12:01 PM, 2013
Thank you, Kayla! I've been trying to be more aware of his acting lately... Always room to improve!!
Lavadiamond 25th Jun 1:47 AM, 2013
This is cute!!! I'm curious, what color are the Beast's eyes?
MsMegan 25th Jun 11:58 AM, 2013
The Beast's eyes are gold
ljdsrfljdf 25th Jun 2:30 AM, 2013
Poor Beast, his expression after she refused the rose just made my stomach clench. I feel like this scene is a set up for something further down the line. Perhaps the next time he's brave enough to give her a rose their relationship (and the roses) will be stronger.
texan1972 25th Jun 4:49 AM, 2013
I get the feeling that he is being as forward as he can be. Sence we do not know the backstory for the beast, we have to really on what he is doing now. There has to be more to the rose then a simple rose.
MsMegan 25th Jun 12:00 PM, 2013
Very astute! ;)
MsMegan 25th Jun 12:02 PM, 2013
At the moment he's offering her Sweetpeas, but down the road...we'll see! *wickedgrin*
cattservant 25th Jun 2:43 AM, 2013
A charmingly awkward sideways scene where things are moving of their own unspoken volition.

[Those flowers* are rather bold in close up.]

*(I'm not sure they are roses though. Looks more like sweet peas)
MsMegan 25th Jun 11:59 AM, 2013
They are indeed Sweet Peas! Tenacious little climbers.
Olivia 25th Jun 1:54 PM, 2013
I get so anxious between updates!
MsMegan 25th Jun 2:36 PM, 2013
I wish I could update more, but my paying work takes up a fair bit of time. Maybe I should try a kickstarter one of these days...
YoungMissDaae 25th Jun 3:20 PM, 2013
That first panel made my heart stop. Now I can out into perspective how big he is and why Beauty looks slightly scared, as he was kneeling down before, but his kindness and gentle nature shows in his face. Bless.
MsMegan 25th Jun 3:40 PM, 2013
I think The Beast's soft-spokeness has been confusing for a lot of readers who are more familiar with Disney's take on the story. I'll be interested to see if that stays with us as we go further into the story... I've failed to make him as intimidating a physical presence as I think might have served the story best... Lots to work on!
Stitchlingbelle 25th Jun 5:59 PM, 2013
I think he's perfectly intimidating... to Beauty. Our problem is more that we *know* what story we're watching, so his exterior doesn't affect us the way it would in person. We're already in love with him. =) It's one of the most common problems retellings of this story have, in my opinion. Panna a netvor is the only one I've ever seen/ read/ whatever that actually succeeded in making me fear the Beast, which is why I value it so. =)
YoungMissDaae 26th Jun 5:55 AM, 2013
Same. The first time I watched Panna e Nevtor, I was terrified as he did try to kill her, unlike most "beasts" I've seen, where he is mostly quite nice to belle/beauty and would never hurt her on purpose
ranger_brianna_new 28th Jun 2:53 AM, 2013
Same as above two--to someone with absolutely no familiarity with the story, he'd look intimidating. And to the characters in the story, definitely so. But we as spoilered readers already know the truth. :P
MsMegan 28th Jun 12:45 PM, 2013
I do rely on some familiarity with the story, so I guess it balances out!
RosesnWater 27th Jun 12:20 AM, 2013
I look forward to each update, this really awesome :D it would be a little bit awkward to accept a flower from the Beast right now as it was a flower that kinda started the whole thing, though I agree with everyone before, I'm sure this will change, I too am also curious about his connection to the roses, keep up the great work
Shagha 27th Jun 10:41 PM, 2013
Your comic series are beautiful!!!!
I just found these and I'm going to come back for each new one! :)
MsMegan 27th Jun 10:52 PM, 2013
Sweet! That's what I like to hear! Thank you! *grin*
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 11:31 PM, 2013
Oh, he offers her a flower...which she turns down...which he just looks so crestfallen at. I get where they're both coming from here - he wants to be friendly, but she isn't sure about their boundaries, and the last flower she received had a great deal of weight to it. Better luck next time, Beast? This gift was fairly innocuous, I think, but the next gift of flowers might be more...romantic, I think? I hope? I guess we'll see.

He tries to retreat when he sees he's distressed her, but to everyone's delight, including his, she invites him on her walk. Aww, he looks so excited! ...OMG I just noticed the tiles around the fountain. I'm not going to say it Megan. But oh, am I so tempted! XD
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:29 PM, 2013
this is seriously adorable. Never mind about enjoying the flashback moment in this chapter the most. Everything about this chapter is gold.
Le Renard Roux 21st Nov 12:55 AM, 2013
*bashes head* I need to stop watching the old 1980's Beauty and The Beast show. I'm starting to blur Pearlman with your lovely Beast. I hate doing that.
MsMegan 21st Nov 11:09 AM, 2013
Perlmaaaan. I've said it before and I'll say it again --read me Byron and make me soup and I'm yours forever!
Le Renard Roux 21st Nov 1:01 AM, 2013

GrAah! Stupid phone...
Guest 3rd Sep 3:02 PM, 2014
Beast is just so cute.