Act one, Chapter Four: 22

28th Jun 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 22
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cattservant 28th Jun 1:13 AM, 2013
Goodness gracious, Beauty was quite right about needing a guide. How elegant and expansive!
YoungMissDaae 28th Jun 2:12 PM, 2013
such talent!
Beth 28th Jun 3:08 PM, 2013
I wouldn't mind going for a stroll through that garden; it's gorgeous!
Lavadiamond 28th Jun 4:02 PM, 2013
Of course she's going to get lost in a big castle such as that one.
RosesnWater 28th Jun 6:38 PM, 2013
I wonder if the Beast ever got lost in his own castle I read Beauty by Robin and it took him a very long time to get use to the enchanted castle
Hallan 29th Jun 8:42 AM, 2013
My bet is that the castle is enchanted, too. That's why he's not surprised she can't find her way around.
Kim M 29th Jun 5:31 PM, 2013
Beautiful! I keep leaning into the screen trying to peer past the parterres and hedges, deeper into the garden.
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 11:43 PM, 2013
Oooohhhh, this page is lovely and is giving me flashbacks to my semester abroad. The gardens around the palaces were so pretty! Also, I like how Beauty and the Beast are contrasted to one another here - the Beast has light hair and a dark cloak, while Beauty has dark hair and a light dress. That's kind of neat. And...well, the palace is very large, Beauty. It's only natural that you're going to get lost. That it's also magical only makes things worse, since it probably leads you to where you're supposed to be, as opposed to where you want to be. Except for during dinnertime - I'm pretty sure you always find your way to the Beast's table without any trouble.
nathyfaith 16th Feb 8:21 AM, 2016
A dream garden! That what this is! So beautiful!!
Eleginia 6th Sep 10:56 PM, 2016
The fourth panel is of a Lily of the Valley, and I looked up the meaning: All About the Lily Of The Valley Flower
The lily of the valley flower is a great one that a lot of people really like, this is a great flower that people really enjoy to get and really enjoy to see. The lily of the valley flower is not only absolutely beautiful but it also has a lot of great meanings that people will really appreciate. The lily of the valley actually has a very cool meaning to it. "This flower actually suggests to people that they are incomplete without the person that is being handed the flower."
A hint? :D I know the Beast wasn't handing Beauty a Lily of the Valley, but all the flowers mean something in this series :)