Act one, Chapter Four: 24

5th Jul 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 24
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cattservant 5th Jul 3:48 AM, 2013
Well now, there's a sticking point!*

*(One could overlook the whole 'monstrous magical beast' thing in time, but...)

[Reagent or Regent, or are you being metaphysically poetic?]
MsMegan 5th Jul 9:57 AM, 2013
texan1972 5th Jul 5:10 AM, 2013
That answers one question but, raises many others. I know time will tell more but, I think she is going to want more answers.
RosesnWater 5th Jul 10:30 AM, 2013
Wow 0_0 I didn't see that on coming at all, very interesting twist though, he definitely has a more laxed feeling about him than I believe some royalty would he doesn't seem like he's use to being in command,
Laevateinn102 5th Jul 12:25 PM, 2013
Megan, am I right in thinking that you've taken inspiration from Cocteau's 'La Belle et la Bete' with the idea of the Beast having some power, but yet having to serve far higher powers than himself?
MsMegan 5th Jul 12:29 PM, 2013
I've never really thought of Cocteau's beast as being at the mercy of a higher power. That's a pretty interesting interpretation...are you referring to his affiliation with the temple of Diana?
Laevateinn102 5th Jul 1:32 PM, 2013
No, but that's a good point. The part I am referring to is when Belle returns to her father and tells him about what the Beast's like. I believe it goes something like: "There are powers that obe him, but there are also powers he must obey." or something to that effect.
MsMegan 5th Jul 2:38 PM, 2013
Oh, good point! I'd forgotten that bit. I love the implication. Cocteau's ending always felt abrupt to me, out of step with the rest of the film (unless we interpret the whole darn thing as a metaphor for Belle's internal struggle with sexuality and seeing Avenant as a suitor).
Laevateinn102 5th Jul 2:55 PM, 2013
I believe Cocteau actually WANTED the ending to be out of place - because the Beast was so attractive in the sense of his humility and how he treated Belle, which is hard to see when he becomes the Prince and bears the appearance of Aventant, a character who doesn't have the Beast's values or nobility.
MsMegan 5th Jul 3:05 PM, 2013
I wonder if that's meant as some sort of commentary on the nature of romance. Mystery and exhilaration fade as the relationship becomes more stable... Or perhaps the sparkling fairy-tale ending was meant to throw the sheer sensuality and darkness of the rest of the film into relief?

Unfortunately, the disjointed ending seems to have afflicted most film versions that have followed in its footsteps...
Stitchlingbelle 5th Jul 2:44 PM, 2013
All Beasts are at the mercy of a higher power-- it's just that usually they're locked in their own castles, not someone else's.

I do peg our Beast as coming from a background of at least some power-- his literacy, his obvious attitude towards hers, his ease all point to privilege.
Stitchlingbelle 5th Jul 2:46 PM, 2013
And, I just realized, Beauty's own surprise on this very page-- trappings aside, she never would have fully believed in his mastery if he didn't have the accent/ mannerisms/ etc to go with it.
Laevateinn102 5th Jul 2:52 PM, 2013
I think you're right, stitchlingbelle - the Beast's mannerisms do look like those used by upper-class individuals. As for your thoughts on all Beasts being at the mercy of higher things, I'll agree with that too, (i.e: Netvor being at the mercy of Julie, Disney's Beast being at the mercy of the Curse placed upon him and so on and so forth).
MsMegan 5th Jul 3:07 PM, 2013
Netvor also seems to be at the mercy of...uh...demons? Multiple personality disorder? A really out-of-control inferiority complex?
Laevateinn102 5th Jul 3:58 PM, 2013
It's like figuring out how many licks it'll take to get to the center of a tootsie pop: the world may never know!
ranger_brianna_new 5th Jul 10:18 PM, 2013
I actually know someone who painstakingly counted out the exact number of licks it took him to reach the center--it's in the hundreds. I think something like 300-500 is the total.

Or, you could just say "three". :P
Stitchlingbelle 5th Jul 5:03 PM, 2013
Though I have to say, turning into a bird (or into a human, depending on how you view the film) seems a lot more extreme than stigmata or whatever.
MsMegan 5th Jul 5:23 PM, 2013
I rather adore that we never quite know which way he's going.
Stitchlingbelle 5th Jul 5:08 PM, 2013
Also also, I am so many comments today...

I have the Hilary Knight version of Batb, and Cocteau did a short afterword for it. He wrote that he made the ending so off, and Beauty unhappy with the change, to make the point that (paraphrasing) "ordinary beauty could never replace the extraordinary beauty that had won her heart". And of course there's that story about the viewing of the film and the "Where is my beautiful Beast?" comment.
MsMegan 5th Jul 5:23 PM, 2013
This stream of comments had basically been a dream come true, and kept me going all day, haha.
Lavadiamond 5th Jul 10:37 PM, 2013
Who knew that the beast took care of the castle himself? I did!
lsjfejs 6th Jul 2:27 AM, 2013
I think the Beast is almost toying with... not Beauty herself, but the words she's using. If part of this particular Beast's curse is an exercise in humility, as it is in many variations of the story, perhaps he's learned by now that royalty aren't actually the SOURCE of power (especially if magic is involved which, by all accounts, it is), but the guardians who maintain order and stability. If a ruler can't perform well they can be replaced, just like any other servant. I think Beauty's word choice is important though. The common definition of regent is someone who acts as a stand in if the actual monarch can't rule. If the Beast IS the actual monarch/king he wouldn't also be regent. Just my take on things so far!
Hallan 7th Jul 7:53 AM, 2013
And the paradigm shift continues...
justareader:) 7th Jul 11:13 AM, 2013
Wow! I just read all pages at once. I love this comic! And I like your version of the Beast! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of the internet:)
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 1:35 PM, 2013
Alright, I'm going to try to /finally/ catch up on this. I'm so close I can almost taste it (what do Macintosh apples taste like, I wonder?)! So yeah, this is interesting. The castle and its magic precedes the Beast and he, too, is implicitly bound here. The castle seems to be an independant entity - a character of its own - who the Beast doesn't rule, per se, but serves. He tends to the grounds and keeps guard over everything. I'm betting that was a part of his own contract; my theory that he acts as an emissary of the fae, at points, is gaining some strength (SOMEONE had to make this castle and imbue it with magic!). I do not know what this means for his human status - I don't know if he's always of high/princely rank in this fairy tale - but I suppose we'll see how this all plays out. At the very least, I imagine this has been a humbling experience for him (though how poorly tempered he started out is up in the air - that may not even be a part of this retelling).
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:33 PM, 2013
The castle was created before the Beast. What a twist! So what DID happen to the Beast that made him come to this place and become a Beast? Did he steal a rose too?
nathyfaith 16th Feb 8:30 AM, 2016
Just like I thought! He is simply a wanderer in the Castle too. Still learning his ways around it. Cleaver, I like it a lot!