Act one, Chapter Four: 29

23rd Jul 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 29
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ranger_brianna_new 23rd Jul 1:33 AM, 2013
Yes, and she is the Beauty.

...As far as answers go, his was just about as unhelpful as you can get. :P
texan1972 23rd Jul 4:34 AM, 2013
agreed and I don't think she will take that answer. I would think, that she thinks, that he is hiding something that he does not want to talk about. Sooner or later, I don't think she is going to take the answers that he gives.
Lavadiamond 23rd Jul 2:44 AM, 2013
I guess he's letting her figure it out.
cattservant 23rd Jul 4:51 AM, 2013

O' Beast of...
(perhaps) burden.
Big and inarticulate...
(perhaps) not.
a Drop of Beauty 23rd Jul 11:52 AM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
Aw, look at those sad eyes o,_o
Stitchlingbelle 23rd Jul 6:37 PM, 2013
I have no idea if this is on the mark, but given what he's said about the castle and the birds already, I almost feel like Beast is a title/job description. Like the castle or whatever rule it picked him for a predetermined curse. He's not the magician, he's the beast. Can't wait to meet whoever's really pulling the strings around here.
Guest 24th Jul 1:33 AM, 2013
Even though no sounds are coming to me, the silence given by just the way the water is very erie... also agreeing with those above, not a very hepful answer, though I'm sure beauty is far from done asking questions in the long run ^^
The Doodler 24th Jul 4:51 PM, 2013
The Doodler
My guess is that he's under a spell not to be able to give any more detail.
YoungMissDaae 25th Jul 3:41 PM, 2013
Beauty says "what are you" instead if "who are you?", implying that the beast is not a being that can be called by name, he is what he is. I find that quite sad.
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 3:37 PM, 2013
Hmmm - I glanced at the other comments, and I have to agree: "the Beast" sounds like a title that was thrust upon him, along with his beastly form. Who he actually is is something I doubt he would be able to tell her, even if she asked. As it is, she has yet to figure out that he, too, is magically bound to this place - and that he, like the birds were, is also under an enchantment. As such, it will be a while before she thinks to even ask that question. She has no idea that the mask is a mask, as it were...(excuse the clumsy metaphor).
Miss Elcia 5th Oct 10:50 AM, 2018
I'm back here from the most recent pages and it's really great being able to see the man in the Beast!

You usually don't get that in other versions because the story tellers forget this is as much his story as hers. You've gone and done it exceptionally well Ms Megan.