Act one, Chapter Four: 31

30th Jul 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 31
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Jul 12:00 AM, 2013
Overcompensating for the spareness of the last batch of pages? Maybe.


cattservant 30th Jul 12:59 AM, 2013
Just finessing the medium, I bet.

[An Artist who knows she's an Artist...]
Stitchlingbelle 30th Jul 2:24 AM, 2013
He thinks therefore he is?

Love the Minotaur. What is the Beast hiding? (Lumiere: The Master is hiding nothing! Belle: Then it wouldn't be forbidden.)

Actually, I'm most reminded of McKinley's Beauty speculating about her Beast as Cerberus.

Anyway, lovely page! I read all sideways in the chair like that too. One of my favorite lines in McKinley's Beauty was about how the room was always cool enough that she could sit by the fire and read. Talk about wish fulfillment!
Valtinen 30th Jul 8:15 AM, 2013
The fact that you bring the Minotaur into this is amusing personally as that is where I have taken my own inspiration when it comes to visual representations of the Beast. Minotaurians represent!
Laevateinn102 30th Jul 2:56 PM, 2013
The Minotaur is, indeed, an excellent example (or nearly any mythical being, now that I think of it) of what can act as inspiration for the Beast, both visually and for his character.

Also: Am I right in thinking, Valtinen, that you're the livejournal user who writes reviews about BatB/PotO re-tellings and such?
Valtinen 30th Jul 7:50 PM, 2013
Why... yes! I am (among many other things)! I'm actually quite surprised you know of me...
The Doodler 31st Jul 2:40 PM, 2013
The Doodler
What specifically is she reading? I know it's Thesus and the Minotaur, but it's been forever since I almost failed Latin. :P
MsMegan 31st Jul 2:57 PM, 2013
It's a small section from Ovid's Metamorphoses (with thanks to my lit-major Brother in law, who helped me find the passages I wanted in latin!)

Don't worry, it's a detail there for veracity, not for any major plot reason. If it's important to understanding the story, I'll always make sure its explained!
The Doodler 31st Jul 9:47 PM, 2013
The Doodler
I didn't think it was a major plot point, but I was curious.
And a very cool detail that it's "Metamorphoses." :D
MsMegan 31st Jul 10:29 PM, 2013
Metamorphoses will come up a few times. It was something I was reading during the time I laid out a lot of the major plot of BATB so it seemed fitting to give it a nod...Book club, anyone?
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 3:49 PM, 2013
And at long last, I have finally reached the most recent page. I bet you're a little disappointed at that, Megan. Now you won't have a bunch of reviews sitting in your inbox each day to pour over (even if some of those were thin). Until further notice, I'm saying that spot on the table is the sweet pea flowers.

Ah, reading by firelight - not great for your eyes, but I'd do it too if I were her. I enjoy that her cushy seat also has the paws at the ends of its legs. Her thinking about the Minotaur reminds me of her internal monologue when she was first heading here. Fortunately for you, Beauty, the Beast doesn't plan to eat you...and is quite aware of what he is, as you have noted.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this commenting spree, Megan. My promise has now been kept...or should I say the "agreement" has been "observed"? (Cheeky grin.) In any case, I'm looking forward to the Friday update! I'll see you then.

MsMegan 31st Jul 4:22 PM, 2013
Hmm, are you hoping I'll lift your curse? Because I'm afraid THAT is outside of MY capabilities!

Yes, I am seriously going to be sad to log in and not find a cheerful little "25 new messages!" pop up. The nicest weekennnnnnd!! T___T
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 5:05 PM, 2013
...I feel as if our theoretical fae is going to say that at some point. XD

I'm glad you liked all of the messages (yay, I made your weekend! I would have finished yesterday, but my internet died in the evening T_T). It was really nice to go back and analyze the story with all of the information we have now in mind. My theories are stronger now than they were. And honestly, this was kind of like a movie playing in my head. I kept being like, "Oh, I need to look at the next pages and see what happens (despite reading every update)!" This fourth chapter has been...I've definitely had less time to process the contents, I think. It feels fresh to my brain, XD. In any case, this has been an enjoyable experience, overall.

Now I have to finish a certain essay...with that fanart you did for me...which may be nearly as long as my senior seminar paper.../oh dear/. I blame all of the character analysis I'm doing in it. The section on a certain cat is so, so long now.

Anyway, until Friday!

Box 4th Aug 7:25 PM, 2013
Oh Latin...will I ever escape you? =.=
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:41 PM, 2013
Still obsessing over the Greek/Roman mythology here.
nathyfaith 16th Feb 9:23 AM, 2016
Beautiful! Nice job on putting the whole atmosphere together ;)