Act one, Chapter Five: 01

9th Aug 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 01
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Aug 12:00 AM, 2013
Chaaapter five!


Stitchlingbelle 9th Aug 12:23 AM, 2013
My, what beastly names!
cattservant 9th Aug 12:41 AM, 2013
Dragon's Wort: Horror.
Broken Cornstraw: To settle a disagreement.
Frog Ophrys: Disgust.

Contentious Chapter Coming!]
LESimmons 9th Aug 8:02 PM, 2013
Crap, no wonder my girlfriend was angry with the bouquet I got her! >.<
Lavadiamond 9th Aug 4:09 AM, 2013
I've had read so many versions of Beauty and the Beast, but I've got to say...this is probably the best I've ever read. I can't wait how things happen in the end (especially the transformation!!!!!).
MsMegan 14th Aug 2:59 PM, 2013
I make you no promises! ;P
YoungMissDaae 9th Aug 6:55 AM, 2013
OOOOOOH! This sounds intriguing!
AbigailBrooks 14th Sep 11:29 PM, 2013
(Glances at cattservant's interpretation of the flowers.) Oohhh, so in exchange for the cute chapter we just had, we're heading into some darker territory, aren't we? (Rubs hands together gleefully.) Oh, this should be fun!
Kim M 31st Oct 11:39 AM, 2013
Good grief! I knew it had been a while since I'd been able to visit and read, but I had no idea it'd been almost 3 months. Yikes. ...On the bright side, I suppose this means I have a good chunk of story to enjoy at once. Yay!

Also, I'm a little bummed to learn that tarragon's meaning is "horror." (Though, does this mean Beauty will treat us to a little French cooking amidst all the disagreements and disgust? Because I would be okay with that...even if it does make me hungry.)
Icarushector 25th Feb 2:23 PM, 2018
I feel that I should probably be looking up those chapter flowers meanings...