Act one, Chapter Five: 02

13th Aug 6:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 02
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cattservant 13th Aug 6:22 AM, 2013
Pavlov's Chimes!

[An unlooked for update,
What a pleasant
Early morning surprise!]

{'A thought about her feelings';
Luxury losing lustre,
Stranger fears losing fluster.
In a proper maiden's heart
Youthful conjectures depart.
Leaving a vague vacancy,
Perhaps a small vagrancy.
Shyly noted at the least
By her own awaking beast...}
MsMegan 14th Aug 3:01 PM, 2013
Wow, that's really lovely! Thank you, cattservant!
cattservant 14th Aug 9:23 AM, 2013
It surely seems you have slipped
this update by everyone
Who lives an actual life!
MsMegan 14th Aug 3:02 PM, 2013
Indeed! Hm, I've been out of town, maybe my auto-updates aren't what they should be...
cattservant 14th Aug 3:19 PM, 2013
This one arose from the electron sea foam dark and early yesterday morning.
Laevateinn 15th Aug 12:07 PM, 2013
Oh? Could it be that Beauty is beginning to look forward to dinner time with the Beast (well, that's what I'm assuming...)?
RosesnWater 17th Aug 11:49 PM, 2013
Once you have everything you could possibly need there's always something just out of reach...
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 2:09 PM, 2013
I feel like Beauty's design became a lot more consistent over time.
MsMegan 26th Aug 12:37 PM, 2013
I'm trying really hard to get it there. Consistency is a real stumbling block for me!
sheshallnotbenameless 26th Aug 9:41 PM, 2013
Well, I applaud you for your efforts! The drawing was great before, but now I think everything flows even more.
AbigailBrooks 14th Sep 11:36 PM, 2013
You know, I kind of know the feeling, Beauty. Between the internet and a nearby library, there's not much I'm left craving, and I tend to get bored of both after awhile (even Tumblr loses its wonder. EVEN TUMBLR, Beauty!). But anyway, I love how she's starting to look forward to her dinners with the Beast, which take either 7:30PM or 8:30PM, from the looks of it. I'm going to go with 7:30PM, since that seems more reasonable. Now dash away, Beauty! Dash away to your Beast!
Kim M 31st Oct 11:49 AM, 2013
...No cooking yet, but maybe dinner? If so, I can understand her excitement. As much as I think I might enjoy having luxuries and time enough to enjoy them, I'd greatly miss just talking to someone. And if the only conversation she has is at dinner, even a Beast's beastliness might pale against the opportunity for an exchange of words and ideas.