Act one, Chapter Five: 03

16th Aug 6:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 03
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cattservant 16th Aug 8:12 AM, 2013
Invisible silent servants*,
And something to exercise the mind!

*(Do they respond to her politeness?)

["Ripening Fruit"
A Rhyme
Would be
Sub lime.
But still
Rosebook2000 16th Aug 8:37 AM, 2013
I'm pretty much guessing she's excited to see the only person in the house (or, the closest thing to a human being).
Tantz Aerine 17th Aug 6:08 PM, 2013
Tantz Aerine
The art in this has become so very streamlined! And it was already top notch :)
Stitchlingbelle 17th Aug 10:40 PM, 2013
"Starts to seem like something to look forward to"-- am I the only one who thinks she's irritated by this?

PS love the sleeves.
RosesnWater 17th Aug 11:50 PM, 2013
What a beautiful dress 8D and what usefull ribbons ^_^
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 2:11 PM, 2013
Is she rushing down the stairs? I get that impression. Don't want to be late for dinner, do we, Beauty? ;) Also, I think that's my favorite outfit thus far.
AbigailBrooks 14th Sep 11:39 PM, 2013
...I almost want to call her ungrateful here (you have almost everything, Beauty - except, of course, what's important to you, aka your family), but considering how she came to be here and how she thanks her invisible servant spirits/the castle's magic, I won't. And ah, they do have dinner at 7:00PM. I was a half an hour off. To dinner!
Kim M 31st Oct 12:06 PM, 2013
Another awesome dress.... Sigh. And I love the pineapple finial. (I assume it's a pineapple?)