Act one, Chapter Five: 05

23rd Aug 6:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 05
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cattservant 23rd Aug 7:13 AM, 2013
Yes, and just what does a magical Beast of apparently mixed provenance eat?
RosesnWater 23rd Aug 9:24 PM, 2013
perhaps that is another part of a beauty and the beast story where he is too ashamed by what he must do that he will not eat in front of her....
LESimmons 23rd Aug 9:44 PM, 2013
Is his bestial nature related to his diet? A...wendigo?
dpallee 24th Aug 12:58 AM, 2013
Love the 5th panel pose...great job.
Lavadiamond 24th Aug 7:09 PM, 2013
The Beast probably dines alone because he can't eat like Beauty can. He probably can't hold silverware in those large paws of his.
caseyschmoo 24th Aug 8:26 PM, 2013
I discovered your webcomic today after TaijaVigilia on deviantART posted a fan art of your version of Beauty. I am a lifelong 'Beauty and the Beast' addict and a longtime fan of the Robin McKinley renditions. I love how your comic incorporates elements from McKinley's novels while still including creative and original components. Your artwork and layout are easy to read and enjoyable to look at. I am so glad to have found your work, and am excited to follow your story and see how it develops =)
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 2:13 PM, 2013
I feel like Beauty no longer shows passion while talking with the Beast. More companionable than anything. But if the Beast needs her love, that could be worrisome.
lsjlfjsd 26th Aug 12:53 AM, 2013
Beast says cooking is out of his expertise. I wonder what he does like to do as a hobby. Is it gardening only?
Big Nemo 26th Aug 6:13 AM, 2013
Big Nemo
I just wanted to say, I noticed the new banner for the comic and I like it a lot!
MsMegan 26th Aug 12:39 PM, 2013
Thank you!
AbigailBrooks 14th Sep 11:57 PM, 2013
Beauty, you're continuing to pry. So far he's taking it well, but eventually...I don't know, why not ask the castle to lead you to the kitchen, camp out there for awhile, and see what happens around mealtimes? You could have brownies while you wait!

And then she comments on him not eating with her, which makes him feel all kinds of awkward (and yep, the dinners are definitely in her side of the contract) and...Beauty, are you being manipulative in that sixth panel? I - I think you are! You're making the poor Beast uncomfortable, sweetheart. And he would probably make you all sorts of uncomfortable if you watched him eat. "You - you wouldn't want to watch me eat a deer, Beauty. It's so messy and I behave atrociously while I'm at it. You'd get scared and lose your appetite. Oh, do stop asking me all these questions!" Yeah, you knew it was a matter of time before I did that again, Megan. XD
Kim M 31st Oct 2:02 PM, 2013
Still with the anxious paws/claws/hands...oh, dear. And now that Beauty's mentioned how much food there is on the table, I'm wondering where the leftovers end up. Do invisible servant-types eat typical fare?