Act one, Chapter Five: 07

30th Aug 6:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 07
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disnemma 30th Aug 6:28 AM, 2013
The best part about having to wake up at 6:00 for school? Getting to see the new page of BatB earlier! :))

Love Beauty's expression in that first panel, as well as Beast's in the second. I think it gives a nice insight into how the two have been getting along lately; it seems as though they are at the point in their companionship where they can joke with each other.
No One 30th Aug 6:55 AM, 2013
Quite literally a voracious reader in both definitions are we, Beast? :P
cattservant 30th Aug 9:37 AM, 2013
O' wizard of deflection!
Master of misdirection!
Avoider of detection!
Very Beast of perfection!
ranger_brianna_new 31st Aug 5:51 PM, 2013
Actually, I think in this case, he isn't deflecting and actually is going to give an answer.

Not the answer Beauty's looking for, of course, but at least AN answer.
cattservant 31st Aug 6:04 PM, 2013
He's switching the bait?
sheshallnotbenameless 30th Aug 10:43 AM, 2013
Beauty's sass is great. Considering how she was a little whitewashed--not dull, but slightly more bland--with her family before coming to the castle, I think this shows how Beauty is really, truly opening herself up to the Beast. And the Beast seems like he's opening up to her as well here. The fact that he just completely ignores her "How did you--?" after he grabs a book from under the china is just hilarious. As if he's saying, "I thought we were past this incredulity of magic, Beauty." Then again, it COULD be that she was trying to push the previous issue by saying, "Wait, how did you come to the castle?" and the Beast simply deflected yet again.
RosesnWater 30th Aug 11:44 AM, 2013
Beast: I'll just grab my book.... UNDER THE TRAY!
Beauty: OoO
in all seriousness though, great page and interesting conversation developing up between the two of them.
Kait 30th Aug 12:47 PM, 2013
What is Ovid again? I must have missed that in the comic.
MsMegan 30th Aug 12:56 PM, 2013
Ovid was a Roman poet. A few chapters back the two discovered a shared interest in classical literature. Specifically, they've been discussing Ovid's thematically apt Metamorphoses. :)
dpallee 31st Aug 5:11 PM, 2013
Not the birds and the bees? Lambs and pigs would be more fitting for a farm girl-good call on the dialogue :)
Rosen 1st Sep 5:21 PM, 2013
Oh beast, you sly sneak you!
AbigailBrooks 15th Sep 12:10 AM, 2013
Oh good, we've started to make some references to sex. I have a difficult time taking a mature romance seriously if that subject isn't broached at some point in some way.

But yes, I like your sass, Beauty, and I like your playful response to it, Beast. And there you go again with the prying, Beauty. Though did you just...that could have been a general question, but given her ruminations on the Minotaur, she could have just been asking, "So, what kind of match made you, anyway?" And ahahaha, the Beast both deflects but is also offering an answer to her question. And come now, Beauty, you live in a magic castle and he knows some of the "tricks" to it. Catch up, girl!
Kim M 31st Oct 2:32 PM, 2013
Oh, his dreamy. :) And very neatly sidestepping the topic of his origins---I wonder if Beauty even noticed after that book-from-a-covered-dish trick. (And more pineapple finials...such excellent hospitality in this house?)
nathyfaith 16th Feb 11:56 AM, 2016
OMG, that was so cool!! ahahaha