Act one, Chapter Five: 08

3rd Sep 6:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 08
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cattservant 3rd Sep 6:59 AM, 2013
Is that not indirect information?
Good in metre, if not in accuracy...
nathyfaith 16th Feb 11:58 AM, 2016
I totally agree with you!
Also, such a beautiful quote.
The Doodler 3rd Sep 1:17 PM, 2013
The Doodler
He's doing the best he can, Beauty, just listen!
Christian Hendriks 3rd Sep 2:48 PM, 2013
What/whose translation is that?
MsMegan 3rd Sep 9:36 PM, 2013
My I say, metre if not meaning.
cattservant 4th Sep 12:28 AM, 2013
You are the metre
Of all that measures
Within this small world
Of light and treasures!
Lavadiamond 4th Sep 2:00 AM, 2013
I agree with Beauty, that was beautiful. Hey MsMegan, you check out a website called 'fanpop'. There is literately a club about your comic. If you want to see it for yourself, here's the website.
MsMegan 4th Sep 10:45 AM, 2013
I...I have a fanclub? *confused crying*
YoungMissDaae 4th Sep 5:02 AM, 2013
Scylla didn't love him, so he had her punished... Interesting...
sheshallnotbenameless 5th Sep 7:35 PM, 2013
I find it intriguing how the distance between them feels emphasized in that third panel. That, combined with the dialogue, packs a punch.
RosesnWater 5th Sep 8:33 PM, 2013
Wow, what a beautiful translation really talented work there :D
AbigailBrooks 15th Sep 12:20 AM, 2013
...Yeah, Beauty honey, he basically just gave you your answer right there. He's been transformed as a result of foolishness of some sort. He is seeking to court you, but you fear him...though a little less these days. And there is a witch or fae around, who could do (more) terrible things to you if he asked her to (though that would come with a price, I'm sure)...though he won't, luckily for you. Though in a way, Beauty has already been punished, thanks to her imprisonment here.... To continue ruminating on this point in the next page.
Kim M 31st Oct 2:39 PM, 2013
Oh, my. ::blinks:: What *are* you telling us, Beast? Perhaps the topic of your origins has not been sidestepped, after all?

And I love that first panel: the angle and the sense of the room and the fire...lovely.