Act one, Chapter Five: 09

6th Sep 6:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 09
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cattservant 6th Sep 6:08 AM, 2013
Oh my...

ranger_brianna_new 6th Sep 5:26 PM, 2013
Clearly, it's just a heavily-accented "this". You know, 'th-ss' instead of 'this'!
MsMegan 7th Sep 12:58 PM, 2013
He has a speech impediment, guys. You're being insensitive.
cattservant 8th Sep 6:25 AM, 2013
Oh Noes!
I shall chastise myself forthwith!
YoungMissDaae 6th Sep 11:35 AM, 2013
last panel; ooooh dear
sheshallnotbenameless 6th Sep 12:05 PM, 2013
Beast does not look happy!
Stitchlingbelle 6th Sep 3:10 PM, 2013
I love this page. The shadow of Scylla, the expressions in the last two panels... brilliant. I especially love how Beast's eyes seem to pop and call attention to his monstrousness in way other views of him (including the top panel) don't. He looks so opaque suddenly. Awkwardness ahead!
Lostariel 6th Sep 5:24 PM, 2013
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh regret and monsters ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lavadiamond 7th Sep 3:33 AM, 2013
By the looks of things, Beauty hit a sore spot with the Beast. That's just my opinion. MsMegan, I am serious, check out the website I gave you, there really is a club made for your comic. In fact, I'll be nice and send you the link to the club!!!!
a Drop of Beauty 8th Sep 8:32 PM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
Oh dear...I feel conflict on the horizon...maybe we get to see angry beast *shudders*
LizG 8th Sep 9:47 PM, 2013
Finally, a smart, subdued and deliciously nuanced BatB! I can't wait for Beauty to prod the Beast's refined and practiced exterior--looks like she's about to strike a poignant chord...twitch=brilliant
Hallan 9th Sep 8:38 AM, 2013
Angry... or afraid? I look forward to the next page with great anticipation. :)
AbigailBrooks 15th Sep 12:28 AM, 2013
Hmmm...alright, so let me turn to another theory. From your trailer, the Beast has done something (perhaps foolish or evil) that he is now consumed with regret over (being "unable to face himself," with his shame reflected in his appearance). Now I've theorized that Elise and he have a connection of some sort. Elise has a swan motif and there's a swan in the official poster for this story. So was Elise, as well as the Beast, transformed sometime in the past, due to something the Beast set into motion? He might regret that now, but because he can't do anything to make amends, he hates himself for it, just as he hates Glaucus....

But I may be letting my speculations run away with me and taking this passage too literally. Anyway, Beauty has definitely struck some sort of nerve by taking up the subject of monsters. Let us see how he reacts....
Kim M 31st Oct 2:47 PM, 2013
Uh.... ::hides behind hands:: Tread carefully, my dear.

And I'm curious now as to how Scylla's story relates to the Beast. Is he metaphorically Glaucus? Scylla? Or is the story rather more literal: perhaps the Beast is descended from such a curse rather than its original victim?
MsMegan 31st Oct 2:53 PM, 2013
I'll never tell! ;P