Act one, Chapter Five: 10

10th Sep 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 10
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 10th Sep 12:00 AM, 2013
Beauty has a bit to say on the subject...


sheshallnotbenameless 10th Sep 12:14 AM, 2013
With the close-up of Beauty's lips and hands, compared to Beast's fidgeting, I feel as if she's getting to be a little too much for him. Here, she certainly gives off an air of beauty, elegance, intelligence, and empathy. Perhaps he feels intimidated by that, because he thinks it's too good for him? Or maybe it's simple nervousness and/or growing feelings for her. Hmm...

On a sidenote, would the owl happen to be Jareth from Labyrinth? I remember you mentioned you enjoyed that movie so I thought I'd venture a guess. My Greek mythology (aside from all things Eros/Psyche and Hades/Persephone) is a little sketchy so perhaps the owl's simply connected to other Greek/Roman mythology.
Anor-Roc Wildheart 31st Dec 5:39 AM, 2016
The major gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon each had a sacred animal among their holy symbols. I don't remember all of them, but I know owls belonged to Athena.
Anor-Roc Wildheart 31st Dec 5:41 AM, 2016
...And in my rush to be useful, I overlooked the fact that the question had already been answered. ;p
ranger_brianna_new 10th Sep 2:12 AM, 2013
* "how stories like that".

(Unless Beauty has a speech impediment, too. :P)
MsMegan 10th Sep 10:10 AM, 2013
Geeze, I'm getting sloppy. Thanks for pointing that out!
lsjeflsjdfT 10th Sep 2:25 AM, 2013
Owls are often associated with Athena (the goddess of wisdom) So i think that's why she drew it in there.
sheshallnotbenameless 10th Sep 9:34 AM, 2013
Ah-ha! That's right, IsjeflsjdfT. I'd forgotten about that. Thanks!
cattservant 10th Sep 4:48 AM, 2013
Bestial Overload!
Perhaps he is embarrassed...

[Pasiphae's tastes were legendary.]

Miss_Sophy 10th Sep 10:47 AM, 2013
I am really touched by Beauty's words. It's so deep and thoughtful - I really agree.

Aren't Monsters or Beasts not just poor unfortunate people in the end? Being judged or transformed by gods, heroes or mothers who acts like they are superior?

I am new here ^^ I read btw all of your pages yesterday and I had really looked forward for today! :D
It didn't disappoint me!
MsMegan 10th Sep 2:47 PM, 2013
Wow, thank you, Miss Sophy! Welcome, and I hope you'll stick around! Things are about to get interesting. ;)
Michael 13th Aug 9:38 PM, 2017
You cant generalize that. For some you are right. but some monsters are just pure evil monsters. Some even look nice and the evil is within. you dont recognize a serial killer by his face. Police work would be easy then.
Aingeleag 10th Sep 11:04 PM, 2013
This is absolutely beautiful!! This is a marvelous comic Megan!! I love it!!
MsMegan 10th Sep 11:17 PM, 2013
well, thank you! i hope that you'll stick with us, too!
Sitchlingbelle 12th Sep 12:22 AM, 2013
And Psyche, dear Beauty? Do you have anything to say about her? And I love the Beast's hands here. Hitting a nerve, much?

(Lovely page-- you handled the mass-of-text nature of it very gracefully.)
AbigailBrooks 15th Sep 12:38 AM, 2013
Yeah, if Zeus had just kept it in his pants, most of the conflicts in Greek myths could have been avoided. And yes, for all that he's been upheld, Heracles did kill his family. "There are no perfect men, Beauty. We kind of mess up, sometimes with terrible consequences. (Points at self.)" And while it's good that she applies the same gray, nuanced view towards monsters - how they are not necessarily evil or to blame for their circumstances - somehow I don't think the Beast is going to appreciate this speech from that last panel. Uh-oh, Beauty....
Kim M 31st Oct 2:56 PM, 2013
Those paws/claws/hands...somehow they speak of increased tension, not relief. What has she said, Beast? Is she trying too hard to see something in you that you don't believe (or know) doesn't exist? If she comes to know you, must she know *you* and not some romanticized interpretation of you? Hmm....