Act One, Chapter five: 12

17th Sep 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act One, Chapter five: 12
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AbigailBrooks 17th Sep 12:09 AM, 2013
Ah, storming out it is, then! And...yes, he does seem to be criticizing her for offering sympathy to monsters. All of them have /reasons/ for being the way they are, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are victims of circumstance. I think that's what he's getting at here. Hmm, I wonder what those personal matters of his are...? Been getting distracted by Beauty, eh? Not that I blame you, dear....

You know, it's also interesting to note that she doesn't tell him no here. In fact, she seems more concerned about having offended him, rather than fearful of her own safety (though the raised arms do suggest wanting to shield herself). Kudos to him for leaving before his temper really got the better of him, I must say.

In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing how this chapter continues to develop! Until Friday!

cattservant 17th Sep 12:13 AM, 2013
A relational stress test!

[You can't love someone if you can't be angry with them.]
sljflsdj 17th Sep 12:17 AM, 2013
Honestly, Tuesdays and Fridays never seem to come fast enough for me now. It's like restricting yourself to eating a piece of chocolate two days a week. But that just means I appreciate updates all the more. I really like Beauty's reactions here. She's holding her ground and isn't completely dumbfounded by his (rather terrifying) emotions. On to Friday!
Stitchlingbelle 17th Sep 12:37 AM, 2013
"I thought not."

...I love that line. =) I love how it seems to shut down his outburst in such a prosaic way. I love how he seems somehow disappointed, justified, and angry all at once. I love his eye in that panel!

Also, that is some seriously claw-proof fabric, I gotta say.
MsMegan 17th Sep 9:02 AM, 2013
It's probably got a pretty high thread count. Fancy stuff, y'know.
Hallan 17th Sep 7:34 AM, 2013
Judging by her body language, she -is- fearful for her own safety, but she is also showing the bravery and courtesy that brought her to the castle in the first place. Even though she's scared by him, she still tries to make amends.
LB 17th Sep 2:15 PM, 2013
I have been following this comic for a few months now. I think the art and storyline is fantastic. I especially love your emphasis on eyes and hands to convey strong emotions. It helps offset the fact that the Beast looks like an incredibly adorable cross between a labrador and a goat. :)
Lavadiamond 18th Sep 11:23 PM, 2013
I was really expecting Beauty to answer before the Beast stormed off.
sheshallnotbenameless 19th Sep 2:37 PM, 2013
Once again, here's Beauty's standard courage. She's afraid, but not as petrified as many would be in her shoes. Ironically, I had the same thought about the cloth as Stitchlingbelle pointed out! I wonder if the personal matters exist, or if it's simply an excuse. It's really good to see him angry though. This adds a whole new layer to him, one that we--nor Beauty--have had the opportunity to see. So glad it's almost Friday!
Kim M 31st Oct 4:47 PM, 2013
The tension in his paw/claw/hand! My hands were flexing in sympathy.... :)

So she's offended by romanticizing him, after all. Sigh. I suppose 'tis better to start with honesty than veneers of civility---especially since Beauty's already had the opportunity to heap her own brand of honesty on the Beast's head. Still, I rather think the Beast is much more terrifying in his honesty than Beauty has been.
nathyfaith 16th Feb 12:29 PM, 2016
Precisely what I thought he was going to do. For some reason your Beast reminds me of Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a bit of Ichabod Crane as well from Sleepy Hollow. I might be projecting though.

Nicely done!
Michael 23rd Apr 11:41 PM, 2017
I think one part is that she hit a spot there. Second, he thinks she is too shallow or not completely honest here. Third he says, that his body mirrors some part of his self, because he did something terrible f.e. and deserves that fate being the beast. That it is wrong to redicule what he is now, because there is a good reason for that, that he in some part is the beast he looks like.
Hard to find the right words when it is not your own language you write in though...