Act one, Chapter Five: 14

24th Sep 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
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Act one, Chapter Five: 14
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sheshallnotbenameless 24th Sep 12:05 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
Yes, Beauty. Go apologize. Give us readers more fangirl moments between you and your Beast!

But really, I wonder how the apology will go. I have a feeling something truly fearsome will be revealed to Beauty if she catches the Beast unawares right now. Or it could be something much sweeter and they'll have a bonding moment.

(Also, I totally thought I was going to go to bed but I had to stay awake for this new chapter!)
a Drop of Beauty 24th Sep 12:12 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
a Drop of Beauty
Really love the emotions displayed in this one, fourth panel is my fav of the bunch =]
Csthy 14th Oct 9:40 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
Great story! Unbelievable illustrations. Keep up with the story!
cattservant 24th Sep 1:46 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
Don't feed it after midnight!
Stitchlingbelle 24th Sep 1:57 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
"I was just trying to say I don't hate him... I should apologize."

*spins around in delirious joy*

Of course, this is could end really badly if she walks in on him eating newborn kittens or something...

Also, I love that last panel so much I want to hug it.
zjsdf 24th Sep 5:30 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
I think this is going to be interesting... But I disagree with Beauty. I don't think she did anything wrong!
Kaitlyn 24th Sep 12:36 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
I am so happy that she has large eyebrows and no lipstick - or rather, definitive lips that are obviously more "appealing" that other the women's lips in the early pages. She's a wholesome pretty, maybe plain to some, but just right for me!
Kim M 31st Oct 5:51 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
I wonder what she thinks she'd be apologizing *for*.... Expressing herself badly? Discussing a sensitive topic? Trying to see something that's not there? Merely offending him? Or is the apology intended more to open communication with the Beast again?
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 8:20 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Time flies by and she cannot sleep. You might have just outright said you don't hate him, dear Beauty. He might have found that touching, though he would have also probably gone off to angst in the corner about you not understanding how undeserving he is of your affections or something equally melodramatic. At least she realizes she has to apologize for upsetting him. Go Beauty!
nathyfaith 16th Feb 1:37 PM, 2016 edit delete reply
hahaha, the guilty one!
Go girl. Do us a favor and say you're sorry.
Michael 13th Aug 10:14 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I dont understand for what she wants to apologize.
It was Beast who started with Ovid.
When she gets something wrong he can correct that or am I too much male here?