Act one, Chapter Five: 16

1st Oct 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 16
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Oct 12:00 AM, 2013
Happy october!


Guest 1st Oct 12:04 AM, 2013
oh god oh god oh god oh god.....
XenSilverQuill 1st Oct 12:06 AM, 2013
Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear, this is not going to bode well for Beauty - or my poor fangirl heart, for that matter! By those fleshy, cracking sounds, I'm guessing the Beast is not reading a book down thereā€¦ *hides under blanket*
cattservant 1st Oct 12:17 AM, 2013
You sure it's not the 'other' end of October?
LB 1st Oct 12:35 AM, 2013
You would think he'd eat that outside. It looks like he dragged the bloody carcass all over the castle.
Lostariel 1st Oct 1:01 AM, 2013
Stitchlingbelle 1st Oct 1:39 AM, 2013
Totally eating kittens.

(Happy October indeed!)
Laevateinn 1st Oct 1:04 PM, 2013
Not going to lie - it would be quite disturbing if it really WAS kittens. D:

(I'm willing to bet the Beast is eating a female deer, though...)
Stitchlingbelle 1st Oct 1:51 AM, 2013
(By the way, are you familiar with Surlalune? 'Cause Heidi's coming out with a BatB tales book at last!)
The Doodler 1st Oct 1:57 AM, 2013
The Doodler
Vivocateur 1st Oct 12:16 PM, 2013
Great tension in this page.
I particularly like the effect of the angle used in the second panel.
sheshallnotbenameless 1st Oct 12:18 PM, 2013
I saw this coming but I was totally not prepared for the suddenly gothic atmosphere! The last page wasn't very frightening, but this page actually really freaked me out. There's some twisty angles here, and that combined with the darkened silhouettes just completely unnerved me. I was not prepared for this! I'm actually scared to see the next chapter! But how strange, how the Beast dragged the carcass inside. Those are the front doors we see, but Beauty seems to step on a puddle of blood on the stairs. It might make sense if the Beast was simply gnawing on whatever-it-is just inside the front doors, but blood on the stairs? I almost wonder if he was -waiting- for Beauty to come out of her room, to see what he had done.
Laevateinn 1st Oct 1:02 PM, 2013
Yup, my 'Panna a Netvor' senses did not fail me (though this does remind me a LOT of the scenes where we see the Beast after he's killed something from Cocteau's 'La Belle et la Bete'!). Guh! It's all very nerve-wracking! D:
RosesnWater 1st Oct 10:04 PM, 2013
I've been gone for so long D: hose of us who've seen beauty and the beast remakes know what's coming DX I can't watch but I'm so looking forward to it 8I great atmosphere you can usually tell when something ominous is about to happen when the character suddenly becomes aware of their surroundings :O
The Doodler 1st Oct 11:04 PM, 2013
The Doodler
It's possible this is entirely innocent. The Beast is clearly not having a good day, and so he went off and killed something to eat because he can't eat the same food as his "guest", and he's ashamed to eat in his beastly style in front of a human.

That would look pretty horrible and frightening, but it's not actually *wrong.*

I'll have to see.
Lavadiamond 1st Oct 11:09 PM, 2013
Most of it might now be blood, some of it might be water. True, it may sound silly, but we all have an opinion.
Lavadiamond 1st Oct 11:09 PM, 2013
'Not!' I meant 'Not', not 'now'
Kim M 1st Nov 1:34 PM, 2013
Oh, no....

(Are the flowers in that first panel anything in particular?)
MsMegan 1st Nov 10:32 PM, 2013
You know, they totally were, but I completely forget what. I'd have to go back over my notes!
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 7:25 PM, 2014
Yeah, and with this page we see the tone of the comic shifting into the horror genre, complete with creepy noises, silhouettes, blood on the floor, and of course the Beast, who's probably brought in a kill to eat. Not going to lie, the first time I read this, I started cursing wildly and shivering from how creepy this turn was. At the same time, it also delighted me quite a bit. I WANTED MORE!