Act one, Chapter Five: 18

8th Oct 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 18
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Guest 8th Oct 12:02 AM, 2013
I literally cursed under my breath when I saw that first panel. I was expecting to see something, but... I don't know. I wasn't prepared I guess. Very disturbing and intense, in a good way.(this is meant as a positive comment in case you couldn't tell)
The Doodler 8th Oct 12:04 AM, 2013
The Doodler
Somehow, I still can't see this as exactly sinister. I mean, I've eaten deer before, if in a less "beastly" way. The way he talked to Beauty was objectively scary, but this...this isn't inherantly wrong. Or something.
Swagner 8th Oct 11:36 AM, 2013
It's still frightening to discover that the one you've been chatting with across the table can run down, kill, and eat raw something faster than you.
The Doodler 8th Oct 2:43 PM, 2013
The Doodler
Very true. Unless the Beast is an ambush predator, or runs deer into exhaustion like some human cultures did and do, he's got a speed that's upwards of 40 mph. O_O
Mononoke 8th Oct 12:22 AM, 2013
I have not commented yet but after seeing this page I just couldn't resist.
This is such a creepy yet amazing page. I love how the blood goes from one panel into the next. It is also great how you are portraying the Beast in a completely different light.
Great job! I can't wait to read more like always! :)
Stitchlingbelle 8th Oct 12:42 AM, 2013
Omg, I love this whole page. Delicious shivers at the Beast in the bottom panel.

(At least it's not kittens?)

RosesnWater 8th Oct 1:17 AM, 2013
*0* this is absolutely, if not in the most horrifying way, amazing from the dears eyes, very erie, to the prowling sort of look that beast has, and beauty just standing in the wake of all the blood and darkness... really amazing feeling of space and almost a sort of emptiness, I have to admit as much as Netvor scared me, (which he did, who am I kidding) this is just so much more shattering since we've only seen beast as prim proper and angry at worst, it opens up so much more into the dark side of the story, really impressed 8*
cattservant 8th Oct 1:25 AM, 2013
Top of the food chain.
[He did warn her about his dietary habits.
and about wandering about in the middle of the night too!]
Lostariel 8th Oct 11:39 AM, 2013
Full-body unclothed Beast!!!!
Lavadiamond 8th Oct 12:33 PM, 2013
Holy snap! I wonder what Beauty is going to think! She's standing right there!
lumos 8th Oct 12:44 PM, 2013
This is so good! I love how dark this comic gets.
The Doodler 8th Oct 3:46 PM, 2013
The Doodler
And even IF this is entirely innocent, it's still quite dark and stunningly well-drawn.
Rosen 8th Oct 5:35 PM, 2013
Holy...hell...this is shocking page! D: I mean I knew it was coming, but woah. It's a positive woah, but woah...
Seraphim writer 8th Oct 7:22 PM, 2013
More please! I stumbled on this a few days ago and I'm suddenly hooked please post more. I like how the characters speak it's so refreshing and I don't mind the beast design it's starting to grow on me. Please post more.
MsMegan 8th Oct 10:14 PM, 2013
You betcha! Tuesdays and Fridays every week!
LB 8th Oct 7:30 PM, 2013
Take that mess outside, sir. Outside at once, I say! The very idea...
a Drop of Beauty 8th Oct 8:58 PM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
Woah, am I the only one who thinks his body shape is different? I mean, even with clothes on it shouldn't fit the way it seems to do. Can he transform, for lack of a better word, into full beast-mode?
MsMegan 8th Oct 10:15 PM, 2013
it might just be a shaky artist.
a Drop of Beauty 9th Oct 1:07 AM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
NO NO NO NO NO no noooo!!! Not shaky at ALL!!!!
SeeEmZee 8th Oct 9:28 PM, 2013
D: This is just....I think it's the sound effects that get it for me. So perfect. Loveee it.
Vivocateur 9th Oct 10:36 AM, 2013
Beautiful page here.
I agree with The Doodler though, on a fundamental level it's less disturbing than some of what he says. In this page he just seems like any carnivore enjoying a meal.
sheshallnotbenameless 10th Oct 10:01 PM, 2013
I love the explosion of comments on this page. For any Beauty and the Beast adaptation, it's always great to see the Beast acting as his physical form commands, and you do a great job keeping it fresh. I cannot WAIT to see how Beauty responds to this.
Kim M 1st Nov 1:49 PM, 2013
Oh, excellent! I mean, this is clearly *not* excellent for Beauty to stumble upon, but this page is just fantastic! You've captured the natural elements---the postures of both the Beast and his prey, the Beast's teeth and claws---while at the same time conveying the scene's grotesquerie---ribs ripped bare, entrails and empty eyes, all taking place in such civilized surrounds. So cool!
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 7:35 PM, 2014
Look, Beauty! The Beast is having his dinner! Now you have an answer to that questi - oh wait this actually is FREAKING TERRIFYING for you to stumble onto! No wonder he didn't want her wandering around the castle at night! I said in another conversation that I was pretty sure he was going to be eating a doe on this page, and I was right! Gosh, I really love how the blood swirls around the page and how the Beast is on all fours. We finally got to see him in his more animal form, and sadly it is not as cute as the promo pages suggested it would be. (Shivers.)
Elkian 14th Jun 12:26 AM, 2016
I get the feeling he's usually a little more discreet about this kind of thing :u

Reminds me of a B+B retelling I liked told from the beast's perspective (basically a human mind in a literal lion's body) and how he ate an animal in front of HIS Beauty out of petulance.