Act One, Chapter One: 06

1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter One
Act One, Chapter One: 06
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AbigailBrooks 26th Jul 6:49 PM, 2013
Elise is the mother's name. I need to be better about remembering that in the future. But yes, look at that little reference to Christianity that I did not notice on first read-through. I wonder how devout they are, because...magic and fae, you guys. Magic and fae. Sometimes they are compatible in old fairy tales, but other times, not so much.
MsMegan 19th Aug 10:36 PM, 2013
I think if I were re-writing this now, I'd have given her a more thematic name like Faith or Serenity. Oh, well, later edits...bwa ha.
AbigailBrooks 14th Sep 1:42 AM, 2013
Heh. Faith or Serenity, eh? Faith I could potentially see, but Serenity...hmm...given what we glimpse later, I'm not sure about that one, unless you intend to be ironic? ;)
MsMegan 15th Sep 8:41 PM, 2013
I pregnant is Virtue and how pissy is Temperance?
candybeads 11th Jan 9:11 PM, 2017
This page has good pacing. The large top sets the scene, and the small lower panels show the subtle movements. It takes a moment to notice interesting details like the pictures next to the cross or the boots in a puddle. However, the fabric needs a couple more crease lines, if anything. The depth improved a lot from the first three pages.