Act one, Chapter Five: 21

18th Oct 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act one, Chapter Five: 21
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Vivocateur 18th Oct 12:04 AM, 2013
" B-Beauty....this isn't going to make things weird between us is it?"
Lavadiamond 18th Oct 12:07 AM, 2013
I think he's trying to switch back. He really doesn't want to harm Beauty.
cattservant 18th Oct 12:12 AM, 2013
Maybe he will ask her out for dinner.
Cathy M. 19th Oct 9:55 PM, 2013
great storyline ! What will Beauty do now? Pass out or ran and lock
Herself in her room? What will the beast do now? Please don't
Wait to long for the next update. Please more than one page.
MsMegan 19th Oct 10:59 PM, 2013
Oh, I'd love to update like crazy, but I have to fit BATB in between my paying jobs! If I ever figure out how to make this thing pay for itself, though...
Cathy M. 20th Oct 6:31 PM, 2013
The story line and your art work is astounding.
You have a great imagination for fiction writing.
Great reading for us grown ups who never
Stopped enjoying our childhood fables with am
Grown up twists. Keep up the great work.
Guest 18th Oct 12:28 AM, 2013
Oh please post another! Getting two in one week is torture!!!
sheshallnotbenameless 18th Oct 12:38 AM, 2013
Every time I think this webcomic can't break my heart more than it already has, IT FINDS A WAY. It's like the Beast isn't just him trying to switch back, or trying to show Beauty that he's trying to do so, but he's using her name as the ladder to drag himself up. "It's Beauty. Remember Beauty? She's not prey. She's Beauty. You can't hurt Beauty." *sobs*
Guest 18th Oct 1:41 AM, 2013
you took the words right out of my mouth. Love it!
Guest 18th Oct 3:13 AM, 2013
Aaugh, yes. This. ^
Stitchlingbelle 18th Oct 1:46 AM, 2013
Cattservant, I love you.
cattservant 18th Oct 2:43 AM, 2013
Feline Psychology!

[Thank you]
Hallan 18th Oct 4:11 PM, 2013
Tuesday cannot come soon enough. Fantastic. :)
Kim M 1st Nov 1:59 PM, 2013
I don't think I've breathed for the last four pages....::flips to next page::
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 7:47 PM, 2014
Naturally Beauty assumes she's going to be mauled and eaten (what a way to go!), but the human mind of the Beast seems to come through at this point. He calls for her, seeming to have a difficult time speaking at first. I'm inclined to say he also has a very difficult time sensing her; he seems to be so deep down into the Beast's mind that he's just now surfacing from it. That he realizes she's there at all and is trying to, heh, claw his way back is definitely a good thing (and possibly impressive, depending on how in control he is).