Happy Halloween!

31st Oct 11:30 AM, 2013
Happy Halloween!
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 31st Oct 11:30 AM, 2013
Happy Halloween, O Best Beloved! Regular update tonight. :)


Lostariel 31st Oct 11:40 AM, 2013
I'm just so excited about everything that I don't know where to start.
Big Nemo 31st Oct 11:49 AM, 2013
Big Nemo
Beautiful picture, and I love the movie reference! :-)
cattservant 31st Oct 12:33 PM, 2013
They seem to be meeting each other halfway.
Guest 31st Oct 2:45 PM, 2013
very cute!
Cathy m 31st Oct 5:58 PM, 2013
Love this Halloween screen!
Hallan 31st Oct 10:15 PM, 2013
Oh, my...
Aingeleag 31st Oct 11:48 PM, 2013
Adorable!!! Simply adorable!! I love Beast's expressions more and more.
Lavadiamond 2nd Nov 1:01 AM, 2013
The Beast looks like a lion.
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 8:28 PM, 2014
This is really adorable and pretty - and it references "Princess Mononoke," my favorite Ghibli movie that was, in its original form, going to be the Japanese version of "Beauty and the Beast" (so quite fitting, really) - but I had the hardest time getting past the fact that Beauty is sitting on a naked Beast. Made me laugh. But yes, this is definitely a really sweet picture. Happy (much belated) Halloween!
nathyfaith 17th Feb 9:18 AM, 2016
Awww! Beautiful!!