Entr'Acte 03

4th Nov 11:00 PM, 2013 in Entr'Acte
Entr'Acte 03
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cattservant 4th Nov 11:05 PM, 2013

[More heat than light.]
Guest 4th Nov 11:20 PM, 2013
Is there more to post beside this?
MsMegan 5th Nov 10:36 AM, 2013
Hey Guest! I'm not sure I understand the question. We update twice weekly, Tuesday and Friday.
Guest 5th Nov 12:05 AM, 2013
suspense is building! who are these people? what exactly are they talking about?? I want to know!
Cathy M 5th Nov 8:35 AM, 2013
Who is beast talking to? Where is beauty? Is some deal between
These two concerning her?
sheshallnotbenameless 5th Nov 9:25 AM, 2013
This is so delightfully ambiguous.
Stitchlingbelle 5th Nov 1:50 PM, 2013
Always Read the Fine Print.
Guest 6th Nov 12:24 AM, 2013
You do yay!!! This is news to me.
Kim M 6th Nov 1:10 PM, 2013
Oooh, a slow unveiling of the discussing parties? Very nice....
Tevokkia 7th Nov 3:13 AM, 2013
I think perhaps Guest is asking whether there's more to Entr'Acte, or you're cutting it off in a place similar to the cutoff of the prologue.
Cathy m 7th Nov 6:22 PM, 2013
I remembered the conversation beast had with beauty in the garden.
He stated he is only the guard / embassitor here. The castle
Manages itself. He did not emphasize what that means .
I wonder who runs this place. If beast is not.
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 8:50 PM, 2014
See, what's interesting here is until this point, I thought the Beast was talking to the possibly-there-but-not-confirmed fae. Instead, though, this reveals that a human is talking to the Beast from the outlines. I'm not convinced that the Beast is in charge of these deals, given he is implied to be in a deal of his own, but this DOES lend strength to the idea that he is a representative of whoever/whatever is actually in charge. And again, we get the fact that these deals are both very emotional and very complicated....