Entr'Acte 04

7th Nov 11:00 PM, 2013 in Entr'Acte
Entr'Acte 04
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Guest 7th Nov 11:24 PM, 2013
Argh!! That's it!! The suspense is killing me it's torture. (Okay maybe not killing me or torturous but very infuriating!)
sheshallnotbenameless 8th Nov 12:12 AM, 2013
Oh my goodness! I think I've figured it out!

Until this point, I'd thought it was the Beast talking to a sort of spirit/fae type that is the essence of the castle, most likely due to the many close-ups of the fire (very tricky!) But this last page made me think. I went back through the entr'acte a few times and I realized--page 3, you can see the Beast's chair just a little with a silhouette of presumably the Beast sitting in it, but there's also a sliver of a silhouette just beside him. I think I was focused on the fire that I just assumed it was a silhouette of more furniture or something. But now that I've made my headcanon, I think it was a woman. Beauty's mother. This must have taken place back when Beauty was a child and so ill. But the latest page is so intriguing. What a twist on the somewhat-typical "take my life to spare this person's" spell. But Beauty's mother (if that is indeed what's going on here) apparently did take up the bargain and sacrificed her own life, and something else. Possibly Beauty's freedom?

BUT--now I'm wondering, what if there was one more price she had to pay? The Beast says that however many years Mama has left (could be fifty, could be far less, for all we know) will be however many additional years Beauty has. But my theory is--what if Beauty's mom never died? What if Mama actually BECAME the castle, or some spirit dwelling within it, so that in some sense, she never actually dies, meaning Beauty would have a full life?

I think this will be my headcanon until proven otherwise.
cattservant 8th Nov 12:24 AM, 2013
Was Beauty's childish dream of loss
a memory or a metaphor?
cattservant 8th Nov 12:21 AM, 2013
Deceptively Deep
Deliciously Dark
Meanings in Motion
All Shadow and Spark!
Lostariel 8th Nov 8:05 AM, 2013
Whoa, sheshallnotbenameless. Just.. whoa.
Mellow Orange 8th Nov 2:15 PM, 2013
Hey! Just got up to speed on this webcomic, thought I might as well mention how in love with it I am. <3 You're doing a terrific job with the story, and I loved how you played with the idea of the step-sisters and their requests for gifts...
Anywho, can't wait to read more! <3
Kim M 8th Nov 4:43 PM, 2013
sheshallnotbenameless has some very cool ideas, but I have to admit I'm really enjoying the slow unspooling of the story and its mysteries. I'm eager to know what all this means, but I also love the weight of these moments, their uncertain place and purpose.
Cathy M 9th Nov 7:25 PM, 2013
It's hard to figure out when all the captions are
Sitting in the dark. Humans are visual creatures.
Please help us out here and bring us some
Light. Thanks. Keep up the great work. I love
It all.
MsMegan 10th Nov 7:21 PM, 2013
Hey Cathy! The prologue and entr'acte are deliberately vague and use some different techniques than the bulk of the comic! But don't worry, we'll be back to regular storytelling very soon! I think you'll be happier with Tuesday's update. :)
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 8:55 PM, 2014
Now what's really interesting to me here is that this page potentially introduces a ticking clock to the story. If the bargain is a life for a life, then Beauty's days in the present - since she has already had years of extra life - could very well be numbered. This conversation, however, more strongly implies that whoever is paying the price will either A.) Pay with his/her life and an additional price or B.) Pay with a difference currency than his/her life. Further pages will reveal which of these options is true.
Anor-Roc Wildheart 31st Dec 5:05 PM, 2016
Taking into account that I've forgotten much of what I read my first time through this comic(which means I get to see this amazing work for what feels like the first time all over again, YAY!), I think I might know what this is...

Another adaptation of this story had Beast so angry at the theft of the rose that he was about to kill Beauty's father, right up until dear old dad mentioned that he had a daughter. At that point, the more opportunistic Beast of that story offered to spare him, IF he brought her.

Assuming something similar is going on here, I suspect in this little flashback, who- or whatever is behind the magic of the castle is already conspiring to imprison Beauty(since it was for her that the rose was taken), and Beauty's father is desperately trying to come up with a counter-offer. Since his own life is all he has to bargain with, the magic is allowing him the chance to suspend her imprisonment for however long he has left, but means to take her anyway once that time is up.

And if I'm right... Beast wasn't kidding when he said his options were limited.