Guest Art 003

14th Nov 9:30 PM, 2013
Guest Art 003
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th Nov 6:10 PM, 2013
Today's guest artist is the ever-gracious Tevokkia, who hosted a really enjoyable livestream while she worked on this piece. Look at all the shiny highlights! Look at the gorgeous patterns!

Guest art week continues as we count down to Act two! If you'd like to send art in, by all means!!Book club discussion this month is Donna Jo Napoli's "Beast".


cattservant 14th Nov 9:35 PM, 2013
A Well Mannered
Surface Manifestation!
sheshallnotbenameless 14th Nov 9:49 PM, 2013
This is gorgeous. Love the texture here. And they look so sweet, so happy...! I ship it.
MsMegan 15th Nov 10:42 AM, 2013
*behind-the-hand whisper* Me too
cattservant 15th Nov 10:45 AM, 2013
Come to think of it,
He could be showing her
His etchings...
MsMegan 15th Nov 12:25 PM, 2013
The single time in history where that proved to be exactly what was going on
Tevokkia 15th Nov 4:14 PM, 2013
I always found it a bit of a happy accident that she was looking at the book, but he was looking at her.
MsMegan 15th Nov 4:16 PM, 2013
That's one of my favourite aspects! I assumed it was done totally purposefully!
Tevokkia 15th Nov 4:18 PM, 2013
Haha, no, I'm not that good at planning ahead. I noticed they weren't both looking at the book while I was doing likes and was like "Well, I guess I like this better anyway."
Guest 15th Nov 4:46 PM, 2013
Such rich and inviting colors and textures here. And that beautiful!
Kim M 15th Nov 4:48 PM, 2013
Grrrr...that^^^ was me.
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:16 PM, 2014
Yay, Tevokkia's piece, which I watched her make! The rose above our duo is stunning, as are the clothes they're wearing. I love how tenderly the Beast is looking at Beauty, and of course how Beauty is engrossed in the book. Her design really reminds me of Inari from "Firefly" here, which I blame entirely on her hair. Everything look gorgeous, I must say, and the contrast between the reds and blues is a nice touch. Kudos Tevokkia!
nathyfaith 17th Feb 9:23 AM, 2016
Aww so lovely!! <3