Guest Art 004

16th Nov 12:30 AM, 2013
Guest Art 004
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 16th Nov 12:30 AM, 2013
Today's Guest Artist is The Doodler, who also draws the webcomic The Second Crimean War. There's some amazing attention to detail here...especially in the language of flowers! Be sure to pester The Doodler in the comments...haha!


cattservant 16th Nov 12:33 AM, 2013
Might need some floral assistance...
sheshallnotbenameless 16th Nov 12:49 AM, 2013
I really like the Beast's face. He seems sweetly wistful. Beauty looks somber. It makes me want to look up the language of flowers. But it's nearly midnight and I can hear sleep calling my name so perhaps tomorrow I'll research it (or were they flowers mentioned in other chapters? I'll have to flip back to the chapter covers and see). Nicely done!
cattservant 16th Nov 1:07 AM, 2013
I don't think that they are 'Chapter Flowers'.
Perchance our dear Authartistor can promote a list of identity.
After all she did wave the gauntlet at us!
The Doodler 16th Nov 1:09 AM, 2013
The Doodler
*bows deeply*
She’s holding almond flowers, gladiolus, cherry blossoms, and mint. He’s holding an eglantine rose, an anemone, jonquil, and celandine.
cattservant 16th Nov 2:24 AM, 2013
Almond Flowers; Hope
Gladiolus; Love at first sight
Cherry Blossoms; Spirituality, Beauty
Mint; Virtue

Eglantine Rose; Poetry, I wound to heal
Anemone; Forsaken
Jonquil; I desire a return of affection
Celandine; Joys to come
The Doodler 16th Nov 2:51 AM, 2013
The Doodler
Mint can also mean "suspicion." ;)
cattservant 16th Nov 2:59 AM, 2013
Color me
Old and Slow
In the Deep
Dark middle
Of the Night...

[I only checked one source.]
RosesnWater 16th Nov 1:33 AM, 2013
Wow *-* love the flowers, crazy detail in just about everything here ^^
Tevokkia 16th Nov 1:23 PM, 2013
I love how it's all in greys except for the flowers. Very mood-setting!
Lavadiamond 17th Nov 2:16 AM, 2013
Aaaghhhh! When are we going to get back to the story??????????
Kim M 19th Nov 4:15 PM, 2013
This feels like a book cover. Very cool!
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:19 PM, 2014
What I really love about this one is all the different flowers (which references the chapter openings, which feature flowers and are named after them), as well as how the piece hints at the black and white style of the comic, but bends that style by adding shades of grey and color to the flowers. Kudos to The Doodler on this!