Guest Art 005

17th Nov 1:35 AM, 2013
Guest Art 005
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Nov 1:35 AM, 2013
Today's guest art is hand painted, and comes from Abby/Wiseabsol, who always chimes in with incredibly detailed and well thought-out theories! It seems she also paid mad close attention to the trailer... Wonder if we'll be seeing any of this guy anytime soon....?

Guest art week continues, but act two begins on Tuesday! See you all there!


RosesnWater 17th Nov 1:56 AM, 2013
Great colouring ^^ I especially love the roses :D
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:24 PM, 2014
Thank you! The roses were an absolute pain, so I'm glad you like them, XD. As for the coloring, suffice to say there was a lot of paint mixing to tone down the colors, since my paint set is obnoxiously bright.
cattservant 17th Nov 4:35 AM, 2013
The subject was
The ambivalence
Of mythical roses...
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:31 PM, 2014
Something to that effect, ;). I definitely wanted it to be ambiguous as to what they were talking about. Originally it was going to be a much darker picture, but this is what came out.
sheshallnotbenameless 17th Nov 11:04 AM, 2013
This is precious. I love how the Beast still has his cape, and how Beauty has her wings. The twilight (or is it dawn?) sky looks beautifully surreal.
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:26 PM, 2014
(Bows.) I'm glad you liked the details of the cape and the wings. I've always considered it to be twilight in this picture, but dawn works as well.
Tevokkia 17th Nov 12:00 PM, 2013
The arbors are really lovely!
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:27 PM, 2014
Thanks! (Whispers: They were also such a pain to paint, you have no idea, XD.)
Kim M 19th Nov 4:15 PM, 2013
Ooh, a hint at the revealed-Beast to come? Such a sweet scene....
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:30 PM, 2014
Sometime early in the webcomic's release, Megan added a couple pages of character designs for Beauty and the Beast onto the webcomic's tumblr account. I used those as my references. So the answer to your question is yes, ;).