Guest Art 006

17th Nov 9:00 PM, 2013
Guest Art 006
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Nov 9:00 PM, 2013
This staggeringly gorgeous guest piece is courtesy of Rosengeist, whose own web comic, The Light Eaters, is launching next month! Laura has been a staunch supporter and a good friend since Beauty and The Beast was first announced, and I doubt I'll ever be able to fully express my gratitude for her enthusiasm, intelligent critique and endless cheerleading -- or for this beautifully conceived artwork!


kenbastard 17th Nov 10:20 PM, 2013
Beautiful work!
cattservant 17th Nov 10:28 PM, 2013

Expression Repression.
Distraction Digression.
Searchingly Symbolic.
Lostariel 18th Nov 8:15 AM, 2013
Oh, wow. This is my favorite so far.
Tevokkia 18th Nov 2:53 PM, 2013
This is really lovely- I particularly enjoy the limited palette.
Aroara Nightshade 18th Nov 9:37 PM, 2013
I just saw the hand holding the guy in the bushes back... amazing detail!
sheshallnotbenameless 18th Nov 10:09 PM, 2013
This is gorgeous. There's so many elements going on here. Could the man in the bush be the Beast's human self? Intriguing if that's the case. It shows such a desperation that does not appear on Beast's face. Beast seems content, just quietly watching Beauty. Perhaps a little wistful, too. But the man is stretching towards Beauty with such force, such desperation, that the hands need to clamp tight around him. He's like a dying man grasping for a lifeboat. This piece is just absolutely lovely.
Kim M 19th Nov 4:22 PM, 2013
Oh, wow. I love the contrast between Beauty's laughter and the desperate, reaching figures in the roses. And the Beast, so intent on her---his leaning in toward her just emphasizes the difference in their sizes. Beautiful!
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 9:39 PM, 2014
Wow, I think this is the most amazing of the guest art pieces! The limited color palette has a nice effect, with the roses and Beauty and the Beast popping out. The scene seems serene, even happy, until you look at all those hands trying to drag what seems to be the human version of the Beast back and away from Beauty. It's a great contrast between the emotions of peace and desperation. I love it! Kudos to Rosengeist for this wonderful work!
nathyfaith 17th Feb 9:25 AM, 2016
Ah, wow! Stunning! My favorite one so far!! <3