Act two, Chapter one: 002

18th Nov 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act two, Chapter one: 002
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Nov 11:00 PM, 2013
It's been over a week. Anyone remember this guy?


cattservant 19th Nov 12:09 AM, 2013
He's got his appetite back it seems.
LB 19th Nov 2:15 AM, 2013
Scary Glare
Kim M 19th Nov 4:32 PM, 2013
I would welcome him back with a hug, but...he looks a little busy....
Stitchlingbelle 19th Nov 5:54 PM, 2013
So is this a flashback? Are we going to see the, ah, recent trauma from his perspective?
Cathy M 19th Nov 8:52 PM, 2013
Is this a flash back from the beast before act one
Ended? Is this a new hunting scene? What
Happened to beauty! Is she ok?
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 2:31 PM, 2014
The Beast is on the prowl...though whether it's before or after his encounter with Beauty at the end of act one, we cannot yet discern....
nathyfaith 17th Feb 9:27 AM, 2016
Hunting! Nice!!! :)