Act two, Chapter one: 005

21st Nov 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Five
Act two, Chapter one: 005
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 21st Nov 11:00 PM, 2013
And we're back on our regular Tuesday-Friday schedule!


LB 21st Nov 11:05 PM, 2013
Darn, I was hoping we might get another four bonus strips. :)
Guest 21st Nov 11:33 PM, 2013
It's that old fountain from scene 26!
Aroara Nightshade 21st Nov 11:35 PM, 2013
Ohhh! A young Gaston maybe?.....
MK 22nd Nov 10:07 AM, 2013
Gaston only exists in the Disney version, so I think that this is the young boy we saw before- Beast before he was Beast.
Aroara Nightshade 22nd Nov 7:00 PM, 2013
I know, but it can be anyone, mot a prince. I think a prince would't be called a fool boy...
cattservant 21st Nov 11:45 PM, 2013
Don't thwart the Magic,
It could be Tragic!
Kim M 22nd Nov 2:50 PM, 2013
Stitchlingbelle was spot on: there's our young prince, apparently having absorbed the lesson that animals don't have souls. (And does the trouble indeed start right here...?)
Lavadiamond 23rd Nov 2:19 AM, 2013
Finally we're back to the schedule! Anyway, I don't think that kid is the Beast before he was covered in fur. I think it was someone the Beast saw and made him remember his past.
just me 23rd Nov 9:19 AM, 2013
i think it's the young beast while he was human.
I think I might have spotted a few references to Cocteau's beauty and the beast and maybe even to Bronze? I'm not quite sure.
is the deer a reference to "panna a netvor" (Czech adaptation of beauty and the beast - and my personal favorite)?
Stitchlingbelle 23rd Nov 7:48 PM, 2013
Disney's not the only version to use another male as a foil-- Cocteau did it in his 1946 film version.

I think this is our prince, except that the identities are still being somewhat concealed here... hmmm...
Cathy M 25th Nov 10:25 PM, 2013
Great storyline, great captions , is this part of
A current event or a past memory?
I hope we can get back to the story, the
Suspense is building for that story.
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 2:46 PM, 2014
Yep, this is definitely our prince - you can see hints of the man he'll grow up into, both with his outfit and especially with his hair (he's going to keep tying it like that for years). Heck, if you look really closely, his nose just kind of reminds you of the Beast's nose. As for the page, normally taking a shot at the prey wouldn't be a bad thing, but they're in a magical place, so I suspect that makes it hallowed ground as well.