Act two, Chapter one: 006

25th Nov 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act two, Chapter one: 006
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Guest 25th Nov 11:49 PM, 2013
Well... I mean. NOW we know.
La 26th Nov 10:06 AM, 2013
Oh, this is just excellent. So much better than a jealous fairie.
cattservant 26th Nov 6:58 PM, 2013
To some,
blood is not profane,
It's not
even an issue!
MsMegan 26th Nov 9:19 PM, 2013
Lavadiamond 27th Nov 12:40 AM, 2013
Ha! Something was telling me that the boy wasn't the prince!
RosesnWater 27th Nov 4:31 PM, 2013
Wow, last really dynamic page :D
Kim M 14th Dec 1:36 PM, 2013
I'm wondering if the space where the Beast is hunting is near or even the same as the sacred space near the fountain. And if so, does his blood-letting count as profane?
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 2:53 PM, 2014
And here we go - the biggest lead we have yet as to what went wrong in the Beast's past. The Beast might very well have spilled blood here while he was human, and it might not even have been an animal's. It could have been a human's or worse - a fae's. That would certainly earn him the terrible, magical curse which strips him of his human form and forces him to serve the magical force ruling the castle.