Act Two, chapter one: 10

10th Dec 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act Two: Chapter One
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Act Two, chapter one: 10
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MsMegan 10th Dec 12:00 AM, 2013 edit delete
Don't forget! We're fundraising for LOVE146!


cattservant 10th Dec 1:00 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
Apparently Enigmatic Pathos.
Lostariel 10th Dec 2:53 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
Oh, ouch.

Her. So before he was a Beast, perhaps Beauty's mother was a faerie of some kind... and did stuff... and then afterward she came to him for a deal... I don't know.
Stitchlingbelle 10th Dec 7:33 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
Who hurts dogs??? I don't even like dogs and I would never!
Cathy m 10th Dec 8:59 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
I hope the next scene shows he does
Not kill his dog. There are to many of us
Animal lovers who would be very disappointed
In this character . Maybe the who ever this
Her is. Comes in and tries to do the deed herself
Because he does not. He just realize that,
For him all animals does have souls. Who
Is he to say they do not! He stands fast, and is
Punished by defying her. Just a thought.
The Doodler 11th Dec 12:43 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
The Doodler
To be fair, he could have a decent reason for doing so. Like, if is dog (as seems to be happening) is dying painfully and nobody can do anything to help her, it might be the right thing to do. It would also be right to be upset about it, which he clearly is. :/
SN1006 11th Dec 4:57 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
I also assumed the dog was dying.
Cathy 12th Dec 8:29 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
In the gallery, under audio / visual. Chapter one
Trailer, you see the prince and the dog.

Here the prince it's says a man that leave
With himself. Is this the scene here they are
Talking about. The dog looks ok here?
Cathy m 12th Dec 8:33 AM, 2013 edit delete reply
Correction. In the video ( a man that cannot
Live with himself) is this scene they are talking
About here?
Kim M 14th Dec 3:16 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
So this "her" attacked his dog? And now Aornis is dying slow and he has the choice to put the dog out of her misery.... Poor lad. I'm with Stitchlingbelle: who hurts dogs?!?

(On my first reading of this page, though, I rather thought when the older fellow asked, "...Was it her?" he meant was the dog "her," that the woman had been turned into the dog somehow, which raised a whole host of confused questions. This makes a lot more sense....)
MsMegan 14th Dec 8:15 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
Sometimes I'm intentionally enigmatic.

For weeks at a stretch.

You guys are reaaaally patient with me. I lubve you. ;P
Kim M 21st Dec 5:02 PM, 2013 edit delete reply
It's good mental exercise for us readers. ...Both the pondering of the enigmatic and the delayed gratification (Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster would be so proud).
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 5:19 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Ah...see, this implies the break up went veeeery poorly, if the "her" they're referring to is the woman we saw earlier. If she did in fact poison the prince's dog out of spite, I have to say...WAY TO PICK 'EM, BEAST. Ahem, but no, seriously, that's pretty damn awful. I'm sorry about your dog, but it's probably for the best that that relationship ended. You don't want to be in bed with a dog-killer, prince. Nope. So much nope. As for beasts not having souls...well, you sound like you might be doubting that, sir. Or maybe thinking that she doesn't have a soul, for what she did....
Alexandra 24th Apr 4:22 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
I'm pretty sure now, after all the re-reading I did, that his mother poisoned the dog!