Act One, Chapter One: 09

1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter One
Act One, Chapter One: 09
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Dyl 21st Dec 6:19 PM, 2012
MysteryGal 16th Jun 9:06 PM, 2013
I was kinda picturing... DA-DA-DUM!!!
Just sayin'.
btw I love the comic!
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 3:10 PM, 2013
Alright, I am back and will hopefully get through many more pages before I need to stop again. So in this one we get the rose her father picked that go him into so much trouble. This is the second rose we've seen and, like the first one, it is probably tied to a magic contract somehow. Considering what we learn later about roses in this story, I do have to wonder at how special this one might be. Anyway, next page!
sheshallnotbenameless 19th Aug 10:04 PM, 2013
I could go on about how beautifully drawn the rose is, how intriguing this page had always been to me before, etc. But instead I'll say--this time, I really catch a bit of a comedic air in that final panel, primarily from Temperance. Everyone else is mystified, but she just has her eyebrow cocked, like, "WTF?" I don't know why, but it makes me want to giggle.
MsMegan 19th Aug 10:41 PM, 2013
Temperance's default setting is "WTF"
Backuppixiedust 13th Feb 8:25 AM, 2016
Anyone else think that the middle of the rose looks like an eye? I thought that was an interesting detail...
candybeads 11th Jan 9:26 PM, 2017
The movements and mood line up great in this page. The rose immediately grabs your attention, look at you with that eye in the center, foreshadowing what's to come, and then it slowly drags you eyes to the father's tired face. The change to dark background in the last panel hits home the shock and gravity of the situation. I can practically hear Beauty's father whispering the words in his gravelly voice.