Act Two, chapter one: 19

9th Jan 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act Two, chapter one: 19
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Jan 11:00 PM, 2014
So, how much of the wine did you power through while you were waiting, Beauty?


cattservant 9th Jan 11:10 PM, 2014
Hah! "In vino veritas."
[Someone's seized the upper hand!]
Hallan 10th Jan 1:52 AM, 2014
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Right answer, Belle! Very right answer!
The Doodler 10th Jan 2:22 AM, 2014
The Doodler
Tough as nails or Dutch courage? Or some of both?
texan1972 10th Jan 2:34 AM, 2014
you contently make me think what is the artiest and what are they thinking about right now
Rosen 10th Jan 2:15 PM, 2014
His ears! Oh God, I love his ears!!!
Aroara Nightshade 13th Jan 9:35 PM, 2014
Yes! Totally agree! Thay seem to say.. "I must have not heard her correctly"
Stitchlingbelle 10th Jan 4:09 PM, 2014
Ahahaha, not what he was expecting, that's for sure!

Man, Beauty certainly is *pretty* in that top panel...
Aco 10th Jan 4:37 PM, 2014
You could flip the 3rd panel in the last strip: this way Beauty(3rd panel) and Beast's(1rst panel) eyes would meet, just like in the middle panel.
I think it could add something even more "satisfying" to your page :3
(Sorry, english is not my language...)
MsMegan 10th Jan 5:33 PM, 2014
Actually, it originally was flipped in the way you describe! I found it was dragging me back across the page in a way that didn't read right to me, though, so I mirrored it... not sure that was the right decision or not.
Aco 11th Jan 4:59 AM, 2014
Yeah, I see what you mean. In the last panel Beauty's eyes direction also follows the logic of the first panel (looking to the right side of the page). So, I understand why you did it. It also gives the feeling that she is looking away from the Beast (still in the last panel), and it can be absolutely appropriate, given the situation and the silent reproach she is expressing :)

Well, well, every single choice you make in the panel agencing conveys different intentions and meanings. Everything counts: that's one of the things I love with sequential art :)

MsMegan 11th Jan 6:23 PM, 2014
Me too! And I appreciate the critique. I consider this to be my training ground, so when something isn't working or could be done better, it's good that someone tells me!
Kobiashi 10th Jan 7:43 PM, 2014
I think the panel placing works well... And I absolutely love the progression of the story so far! I cannot wait to see what happens!
FireStorm51 12th Jan 2:25 AM, 2014
YES! It looks like she might not go frantic scaredy-cat "I must be next on the menue!" on him!
cattservant 12th Jan 10:46 PM, 2014
Dear Authartistor;
Your wonderful work of art,
And the fine Commenteers
Who follow it,
Fill the 'mental aether'
With the sweet air of creativity!

Thank you very much for sharing.
Kim M 14th Jan 4:47 PM, 2014
Not quite what he expected to be apologizing for, I'm guessing. (And, yep...looks as though quiiiite a bit of that wine has disappeared.)
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 5:04 PM, 2014
Gosh, she looks pretty! The curly hair and the dress and how soft and worried her eyes look. She comments on his tardiness, perhaps to chastise him, and he is naturally very surprised at this, since it means she's not running away screaming. There is an awkward silence, though that is to be expected. Also, I bet she drank a whole lot to prepare for this talk. There's one wine bottle empty and another less than halfway full. Damn, girl, can you hold your liquor!