Act Two, chapter one: 24

27th Jan 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act Two, chapter one: 24
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cattservant 27th Jan 11:06 PM, 2014
So put up,
Or shut up!
The Doodler 28th Jan 12:41 AM, 2014
The Doodler
Very sensible, Beauty!
Lostariel 28th Jan 1:40 AM, 2014
All right, now I fully accept her as the heroine of the story.
Hallan 28th Jan 10:08 AM, 2014
Wow. Just wow. Somebody just rolled natural 20's on her diplomacy skill. That was one of the most impressively and elegantly phrased apology/requests I've ever encountered.
Stitchlingbelle 28th Jan 3:34 PM, 2014
Wow, Beauty, I'm so proud of you!
TolkienOverTwilight 28th Jan 4:37 PM, 2014
Wow! Beauty just blossomed! What a great speech! I've been glancing over previous pages and I don't quite know what Beast has been trying to tell Beauty... he's so cryptic about some things and others he just changes the subject!

I wonder... will we get some REAL answers soon or shall MsMegan continue to toy with us *ponders*
AbigailBrooks 28th Jan 6:05 PM, 2014
Oh Beauty, this is a great speech. I love how you're refusing to run away and how you're admitting to your failure in understanding him (you seemed to have heard what you wanted to hear instead, or not taken his dangerous side seriously). You weren't really listening to him, but now you want to know and are demanding answers. I love it! Here's hoping he gives you some...answers, that is.
Nwa-Bote 29th Jan 1:43 AM, 2014
Finally!!! (yay)
Kim M 31st Jan 5:30 PM, 2014
Verrrrry nice. :D
nathyfaith 17th Feb 10:32 AM, 2016
There you go Belle! :)
Michael 24th Apr 12:24 AM, 2017
There we see who has the bigger balls.