Act Two, chapter one: 25

31st Jan 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter One
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Act Two, chapter one: 25
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Tuima 31st Jan 12:03 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
Oh boy.
Also, I love that line in every incarnation of BatB, and I love it here.
Rosengeist 31st Jan 12:03 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
D: D: D:
Kobiashi 31st Jan 12:07 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
Oh. my. goodness. My heart did this tightening thing when I read his last line. It is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful and I think that you can see how much the Beast is terrified (JUST FROM HIS HANDS!)but he cannot deny her. *sigh*
I love it!
cattservant 31st Jan 1:09 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
Some times the hard thing
Is hard to do.
And hard on the woodwork too!
MirandaM 31st Jan 2:30 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
I've been following your comic for awhile now, and I'd have to say that this is my favourite page so far. Beauty's determination. Beast's fear and finally surrender. It's a beautiful page that conveys so much emotion and emphasizes how far their relationship has come.

I've always loved Beauty and the Beast - from Villeneuve's and Le Prince de Beaumont's early works to Panna a Netvor to Disney. But your work has inspired me to create my own adaptation of this classic.. Thank you so much, and I can't wait to read more of your comic!

All the best!
a Drop of Beauty 31st Jan 3:34 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
a Drop of Beauty
WOw. Sucker punch page. I think the Beast will need a nice looooong nap after this mealtime.
Hallan 31st Jan 12:23 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
If I didn't think it would get me flayed with claws and teeth, I'd hug him. Wow. Megan, I am in awe.
TolkienOverTwilight 31st Jan 2:49 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
A single quote comes to mind... "EVERYBODY CALM DOWN. ITS HAPPENING. EVERYBODY JUST CALM THE F*CK DOWN." -Michael Scott - The Office.
Stitchlingbelle 31st Jan 3:32 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Kim M 31st Jan 6:39 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
"I think I deserve the same courtesy"---nicely turned, Beauty. And when the Beast says he can deny her nothing, I wonder how literal that is. (Clearly, I should've been taking notes on all the pages up 'til now. :) Has this sort of thing already come up or am I remembering readers' speculation from the comments? Bother....)
Lostariel 1st Feb 1:07 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
AbigailBrooks 16th May 8:37 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Well, since it's your birthday, I should start another reviewing spree, shouldn't I? Gosh and I left off at such an exciting point. Here we see the Beast breaking down a little - he doesn't want her to know everything about him and think less of him for it. But Beauty is right - the truth would be better for both of them. And can the Beast literally deny Beauty nothing, due to the demands of his contract, or can't he do so due to emotional attachment to her (or both?). We shall see...!
niccillustrates 26th Jan 9:42 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
I've only recently discovered your wonderful comic, and I admit it's taking me longer to read it than I thought because after every page I HAVE TO SQUEAL AND FLAIL I love this so much! Definitely one of my favorite BatB re-tellings!
Anor-Roc Wildheart 31st Dec 8:04 PM, 2016 edit delete reply
"I can deny you nothing."

...I'm just gonna go ahead and cry now, m'kay? I'll be back in a few minutes. <3
The Doodler 15th Jan 7:55 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
The Doodler
Rereading the comic and..."I can deny you nothing"-- as a good host? As someone who literally physically can't explain why you're trapped and wants to make it up to you in any way possible? As in, curse-fueled literally (yike) ? As in, he cares for her in any/some sense? As someone who's spent most of his life browbeaten and can't kick the habit?
MsMegan 16th Jan 1:15 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I think I'm going to leave that deliciously ambiguous and let you Dear Readers determine that for yourselves. ;P