Act Two, Chapter one: 26

3rd Feb 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act Two, Chapter one: 26
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Aroara Nightshade 4th Feb 12:09 AM, 2014
I think the head ache is comming on from when he hit his horns last night.
Michael 24th Apr 12:27 AM, 2017
nah, ist from where she hit him right between the eyes.
cattservant 4th Feb 2:04 AM, 2014
Beast is already getting closer to Beauty,

And he hasn't even said anything yet.
Lohengrin 4th Feb 9:37 AM, 2014
This is the first live update of this comic I've seen. I found your comic over the past weekend and have completely devoured it! I love it so much and I'm excited to see what happens next!
MsMegan 4th Feb 8:04 PM, 2014
Thanks Lohengrin!! I hope you'll stick around! We have a sort of barren forum, and a very active tumblr, if you want more stuff!
Hallan 4th Feb 10:03 AM, 2014
I don't think that's a headache, Aroara. I think that's shame.

Megan, this comic makes me look forward to Tuesdays, otherwise my least favorite day of the week. Well done. :)
MsMegan 4th Feb 8:05 PM, 2014
Thanks, Hallen! your comments make me look froward to Tuesday, too. <3
Kim M 4th Feb 2:51 PM, 2014
I love that central panel---the sense of movement and their posture. And I'm just going to settle in across the table from Beauty to hear this. (Don't mind me....)
MsMegan 4th Feb 8:05 PM, 2014
I saved ya a seat!
TolkienOverTwilight 4th Feb 4:26 PM, 2014
Beast looks a thousand years old on this page...

What is amazing to me.... he is so exposed here... yet HE STILL CHOOSES TO SIT RIGHT NEXT TO BEAUTY.
Lindsey 4th Feb 7:10 PM, 2014
Hi Megan!

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite stories. I clicked your comic out of curiosity. I flicked through a few pages and was INSTANTLY hooked.
I just read the entire thing in this past hour.
Your artwork is beautiful, especially your composition of scenes and panels, backgrounds and the way the storytelling works beautifully together with the artwork.

Thank you for providing this! My heart has been jumping up and down and I've been yelling things and exclaiming out loud over the fantastic twists and turns. You've managed to make the interactions between an enormous, sometimes terrifying beast and a innocent young woman intelligent and interesting, while at the same time ridiculously hot and suspenseful!! One of the biggest shocks so far was when he flips on her in the dining room and gets all scary aggressive to prove his point. I freaked. Fantastic.

Heroines are one of the trickiest characters to handle without making them bland and two dimensional or overbearing and obnoxious. Beauty is superb. She is smart, kind, logical, compassionate and I'm rooting for her AND the beast with every page update!

I also enjoy when you leave comments and reading all of the speculation and reactions from the readers. Looking forward to all future posts!!

MsMegan 4th Feb 8:16 PM, 2014
Hi Lindsey!

This made me so happy I had to read it out loud to The Lad! I'm glad I was able to make you jump! The Beast has more to him than his gentle demeanour suggests, and Beauty is starting to hold her own. This project has been a crazy learning experience for me, and I've met so many wonderful people through it. I hope you'll come along for the ride!

(as I mentioned to another new reader--we have a semi-decrepit forum and a busy tumblr, if either of those things are your jam!)
RosesnWater 5th Feb 3:06 AM, 2014
Don't know why but the way he shuffles over there and avoids her eyes kinda makes me think of a child which is of course adorable ^^ your story is the very reason why I got tumbler
AbigailBrooks 16th May 8:38 PM, 2014
Gosh I love the whoosh of his cloak in this and just how he moves as he sits down next to her. He still looks very uncertain....