Act Two, chapter one: 27

6th Feb 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act Two, chapter one: 27
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 6th Feb 11:00 PM, 2014
...Mrs. Potts?


Walter Prisney 6th Feb 11:58 PM, 2014
Oh deary me!
Guest 7th Feb 12:46 AM, 2014
Even the serviceware/servants are afraid of him.
Guest 7th Feb 12:53 AM, 2014
that teapot walking towards him reminded me of something from a Miyazaki movie
cattservant 7th Feb 1:00 AM, 2014
Pull back the curtain and have a redacted chat.
txinaz 7th Feb 2:29 AM, 2014
the moment we have all been waiting for
Lohengrin 7th Feb 9:56 AM, 2014
Mrs. Potts! I love this panel, it shows that Beauty still isn't used to the objects moving. It also keeps me intrigued; what is it that Beast can't tell her? Excited for more.
Hallan 7th Feb 10:35 AM, 2014
So that's how you draw an animate teapot! Fantastic!
Laevateinn 7th Feb 11:18 AM, 2014
As much as I can see Mrs.Potts here, I can't help but feel a little bit of McKinley's 'Beauty' crept in somehow. I'll agree with the one Guest mentioning Miyazaki, it does look like something from one of his works - 'Howl's Moving Castle', maybe? I can't be sure...
MsMegan 7th Feb 1:36 PM, 2014
It has been a while since I last read McKinley (lent my Rose Daughter to smeone who promptly dropped off the map...) so I'd love to know what part is reading that way!
Laevateinn 7th Feb 3:14 PM, 2014
There's a dining scene from 'Beauty' which mentions a teapot moving across the table to pour some tea for Beauty, and this page made me think back to it.
a Drop of Beauty 7th Feb 11:38 AM, 2014
a Drop of Beauty
AHHHH!! He's controlling the furniture with his BRAIN!!!!
RosesnWater 7th Feb 12:45 PM, 2014
That would be so useful when recovering from a hangover ^^ which it looks like Beast s having right now...
I also love Beauty's reaction she's so cute :D
Stitchlingbelle 7th Feb 1:00 PM, 2014
Yay, honesty!

(also, manners, Beast! Where are your please and thank you's?)
Nwa-Bote 8th Feb 3:04 AM, 2014
I was just thinking that lol
Kim M 7th Feb 2:17 PM, 2014
...That teapot is adorable. I especially love the "SCUTTLE SCUTTLE SCUTTLE"---for me, it conjures the sound of the lid rattling as well as the movement of the pot.

::slides tea from behind Beast's paws and sips:: But what can you tell us, Beast?
MsMegan 7th Feb 2:45 PM, 2014
Yeah, I mean...let's be honest. He's not going to drink that. He just wants something warm to hold.
Kim M 8th Feb 11:33 PM, 2014
Totally. And then he'll be gesturing and completely forget all about it. In fact, it's even possible that his gesturing could knock the teacup over, so really I'm saving the tea. By drinking it. ::nods::
MsMegan 8th Feb 11:49 PM, 2014
Oh, absolutely. You're only being a conscientious guest, really. And The Castle does so enjoy guests.
Laevateinn 9th Feb 3:02 PM, 2014
I guess you could say they'd like you to *puts sunglasses on* be their guest. ("YEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!")

I'm so sorry. I had to make that joke, please forgive me.
Kim M 9th Feb 5:56 PM, 2014
::rolls on the floor laughing:: (Which, I suppose, could be abbreviated to ROFL, but then you might think I'm only figuratviely rolling on the ground instead of actually rolling on the ground. Which I am. It's a little less clean than I'd wish down here....)

Also, um. ::gulps:: Does this mean I can't leave? Am I *that* kind of guest...?
MsMegan 9th Feb 11:41 PM, 2014
XD you two!!

Hmm, Kim, that all depends on what you've come looking for... What do you hope to gain and what are you willing to sacrifice....?
Laevateinn 10th Feb 8:26 AM, 2014
I know I'm not the person who you're asking - but I'd probably just wish for somewhere to rest for the night. I wouldn't even touch the roses, I know we've seen the more carnivorous side of the Beast at the end of Act One, but I don't think I'd like to know what he was like to Beauty's Father, especially considering how terrified he looked when he came home...
Kim M 11th Feb 8:42 PM, 2014
I love that you have a thoughtful response, Laevateinn. I'm over here clutching my stolen tea and thinking, "Oh. Shit."

Um, can I just eavesdrop? Float around all semi-omniscient and invisible and watch what happens with Beauty and the Beast? ...I'd like to say I won't steal tea again, but I don't think I can promise that.
The Doodler 9th Feb 6:47 PM, 2014
The Doodler
That teapot is so animated. I love it.
mistress dizzy 10th Feb 9:11 AM, 2014
Signed in specifically to leave this comment...

Anyone else notice the different word bubbles when he's talking to the teapot? The dark ring and the little bubbles? Have we ever seen that before? What does it mean?!

Oh and BTW, I adore this comic so much, I found it a few months ago in the middle of Act 1 and devoured it. It's only getting better.
MsMegan 10th Feb 9:55 AM, 2014
Good eye, Mistress Dizzy, ten points. >)
TolkienOverTwilight 10th Feb 6:36 PM, 2014
I noticed too!

Magic Voice?

Another FANTASTIC page Megan!
AbigailBrooks 16th May 8:41 PM, 2014
Oooooh, is he speaking in a magic language of some sort? Very interesting. The teapot scuttling over and Beauty's shocked reaction is really cute. And as we suspected, there are some things the Beast's contract restricts him from saying. I wonder if his contract with Beauty's mother plays a part in that - if there were things she didn't want Beauty to know, at least until the time is right.