Happy Valentines!

15th Feb 8:00 PM, 2014
Happy Valentines!
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 15th Feb 8:00 PM, 2014
Hey guys! So many exciting things going on today!

ONE -- Hope you had either a nice Valentine with your sweetie OR a lovely day of discount chocolate

TWO -- I have a patreon campaign going! If you're interested in more frequent updates, bonus materials, and cool swag, consider becomeing a patron!

THREE -- Take Off! artist Meaghan Carter and I were interviewed for Geekeon, and you can listen to us now!

That's all! Thanks so much, everyone! Love ya!


cattservant 15th Feb 8:33 PM, 2014
The strings are pretty tight!
Hallan 17th Feb 10:27 AM, 2014
One, I want that cape.
Two, I -really- want that cape.
Three... Quick, Beauty, cop a feel while his back's turned! (I'm sorry- it popped into my head and I couldn't help myself... I'm such a bad person. :D )
Four, have I mentioned I want that cape?
MsMegan 17th Feb 2:38 PM, 2014
Should I be making a pun about getting a little tail?

And yes, capes need to come back in. The number of swooshy dresses I own hasn't changed much during the duration of this comic, but the number of black silk tunics and large dark sweaters has increased threefold.

...that...probably says something about me that I'm not going to analyse just now.
Hallan 17th Feb 5:31 PM, 2014
She can always claim 'it was non-canon!' when Beast jawdrops at her. After all, she's already seen him naked. ;)

(*facepalms with embarrassment* I am -such- a bad person...)

Yes, capes absolutely -do- need to come back in. I was wearing one made of black leather as part of my costume for a convention, and it blocked the freezing winter wind quite handily on the walk to the hotel. (The walk back, however, with the wind in my face, was not so fun... puffy white medieval shirts do not good winter insulation make! I got frostbite all the way up the fronts of my arms. D'oh!)
Anor-Roc Wildheart 31st Dec 7:17 PM, 2016
You might consider a full cloak next time; it's a bit more unwieldy, but being able to close it over your front makes for a wonderful defense against the cold, as I found out myself last Halloween.
Gypsy_girl 23rd Feb 4:35 PM, 2014
Wow. Another lovely picture. I really do love your art.
AbigailBrooks 16th May 8:49 PM, 2014
This is a very lovely picture. The details on the cape, the hair ornament in Beauty's hair, the way her gown falls over her, the patterning behind them - all very simple and lovely. I wonder what kind of brush was used for this, since it seems chalky at points.
nathyfaith 17th Feb 10:55 AM, 2016