Act One, Chapter One: 12

1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter One
Act One, Chapter One: 12
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AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 3:20 PM, 2013
While it's a bit sad they're considering that this might be a trick, I love how they're also considering what kind of practical things they can do with this newfound wealth. Even Temperance's desire to go back to the city is understandable, though I somewhat doubt it will happen (at least for the duration of the story - maybe at the end). Beauty has the most serious reaction, which is another hint at how she's been set apart from the others. Next page!
sheshallnotbenameless 21st Aug 9:28 PM, 2013
I'm back on my comment spree! I've found it also successfully allows me to ignore things I need to do, like write and clean. I mean, do work, or lose myself in an excellent graphic novel about my favorite fairy tale? I'll do the latter, hands down.

I love how Claude is just so even-tempered about the whole thing. He definitely has a country boy feel to him. He can't even fathom this much money. And it's interesting, because if memory serves, Temperance seemed to adjust fairly quickly to country life. She looks rather feminine in her panel, and it makes me wonder how much being the "spirited" one of the girls, the one who seemed to help with the more masculine farm chores the most, stifled her own womanly desires. Even she looks as if she wants to dress up, wear fancy ball gowns.
Elkian 13th Jun 10:57 PM, 2016
Something about this page (and the previous one) really grabbed me. It's really where the tone and characterization is decided - do the older siblings disdain Beauty and their father? Is there bitterness between them? There's a lot of ways B+B can go and I'm really glad you decided on this route. It feels really genuine to me.