Act Two, Chapter Two: 011

29th Apr 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, Chapter Two: 011
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 29th Apr 12:00 AM, 2014
We'll agree to put that aside for now.


Hallan 29th Apr 12:07 AM, 2014
Music soothes the savage Beast!
Alice 29th Apr 12:11 AM, 2014
I went from 'Awwww :C' to 'Awwwwwwww <3' in the blink of an eye.

...Anyways, thank you for this wonderful webcomic. I found it on a whim, and while 'Beauty and the Beast' wasn't a tale I enjoyed in my childhood, this comic has sparked a love for it I didn't know I'd ever have.

I should probably go before I make a fool of myself. But all the same, I wanted to say 'Thank you'
MsMegan 29th Apr 1:05 PM, 2014
Oh, what a touching comment! Thank you, Alice!
cattservant 29th Apr 12:31 AM, 2014
Oscar Wilde he isn't.
Paula Richey 29th Apr 8:43 AM, 2014
I think she realized that there is no good answer. She isn't ready to hear "This is a permanent visit," though the long embarrassed pause may have been enough to confirm her suspicions.

TolkienOverTwilight 29th Apr 12:05 PM, 2014
GAH! I suppose it is too early for hard answers. Another great page!
The Doodler 30th Apr 3:47 AM, 2014
The Doodler
I love how the Beast's biology is made a part of the story. Fascinating, but sad, because so many human things are denied to him.
MsMegan 30th Apr 10:03 AM, 2014
He doesn't see bright colours, either -- just shades of grey and green -- but I've never found a way to make that narratively relevant, whereas this....might be. ;)
Paula Richey 30th Apr 11:39 AM, 2014
So, the green dress would be his favorite? :)
The Doodler 30th Apr 2:46 PM, 2014
The Doodler
They say humans are about the only mammals who can see colors like we can, so I'm not surprised. His senses remind me of a dog's, a little. Does he have a great sense of smell or hearing, or is that spoilers?
MsMegan 30th Apr 3:34 PM, 2014
He is very doglike, though his hunting style is more feline --he sees motion clearly in the dark, and the actual kill is carried out the way a lion would (crushing the windpipe), rather than the way a wolf might (breaking the neck). His horns can be used the eviscerate large prey from below in a chase situation.

His vision isn't wonderful in bright light, but he's got good hearing and a good sense of smell to balance that out. I theorize that some of his discomfort with what he is has to do with conflicting sources of information -- he's human enough that he wants to rely on sight and logic, but he's constantly bombarded with extra information, especially scents, that make it a bit harder for him to pick through what might be relevant.
The Doodler 30th Apr 4:04 PM, 2014
The Doodler
Gosh, that's fascinating (and sad in that it plays up the tension between his human and Beast aspects). And yeah, humans are so hardwired to think of sight as our primary sense -- that has to be jarring.
Carolyn Zick 30th Apr 10:51 AM, 2014
Buuuuhhh. My feels!! These last few pages have been heart-wrenching.
Kim M 30th Apr 2:54 PM, 2014
Saved! And without damage to the north (or any other) tower! :D And I love the little detail about how being the Beast has impacted his experience of the written word. Of course, now I'm wondering if his experience of music has also been changed by those Beast ears. Can he hear the string being plucked as well as the note it sounds? So cool....
AbigailBrooks 17th May 4:08 AM, 2014
AbigailBrooks caught up! Beauty changes the subject, to the Beast's relief. It's interesting that his eyesight works better with motion than it does on reading. It's a nice touch. Also that was smooth, Beast. That was very smooth.
MC 2nd Jan 1:19 PM, 2015
Oh God how can she talk to him and focus on a piece that has six flats?!? She's a master on the piano! :D
MsMegan 29th Jun 11:28 PM, 2015
it's a harpsichord!
nathyfaith 17th Feb 11:31 AM, 2016
He looks so content in the last panel! <3
Guest 19th Oct 11:03 AM, 2020
I mean... with THOSE eyes, it makes sense