Act One, Chapter One: 13

1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter One
Act One, Chapter One: 13
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Nicole 1st Sep 2:10 PM, 2012
I can't stop for long, have to keep reading. I like the reference to the twin girls and the bear. Would that be Snow White and Rose Red by any chance? :)
MsMegan 1st Sep 11:43 PM, 2012
It just might be! There are weird stories about that woods...
Guest 19th Jun 7:03 PM, 2018
To Nicole:I was just about to say the same thing!
LazyRanger 6th Dec 12:27 AM, 2012
The last panel is absolutely beautiful. It's probably one of the best closeups of a face I've ever seen.
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 3:24 PM, 2013
Everyone but Beauty is trying to rationalize their father's tale away - which I think would definitely be the normal approach to it. Beauty, perhaps due to her reading habits (and maybe due to her past), takes it more seriously, and is definitely worried about what might happen to their father if he goes back. Beyond that, I do wonder if the story of the bear and the twins is a reference to another fairy tale, but it could just be something made up on the cuff. Next page.
sheshallnotbenameless 21st Aug 9:32 PM, 2013
It's rather interesting how the fair-haired ones seem to be more rational in that Claude and Virtue seem to think Papa was merely ill and confused in the woods. The dark haired ones, Temperance and Beauty, seem to accept the situation much more readily, though of course Beauty more so. I wonder if Temperance will play a bigger part later down the road? I absolutely love her and while Beauty and Virtue have a bit of a mother-daughter relationship, without the confiding (from what I could see in later chapters) I can't help but feel that Beauty and Temperance might be closer if they really had a talk. I can't wait to reread the other family-oriented scenes.
K. D. 9th Jul 12:33 AM, 2014
Delighted by the reference to Snow White and Red Rose. It was very sneaky! I just started, but I look forward to reading more!
MsMegan 9th Jul 9:37 AM, 2014
I love sneaking things like that in! ;D