Act Two, chapter two: 012

2nd May 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, chapter two: 012
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd May 12:00 AM, 2014
"I deal in details and specifics by being inscrutible and vague."



cattservant 2nd May 12:15 AM, 2014
Practice but not posses,
Approach but not address,
Tell truth but not confess...
MsMegan 2nd May 10:32 AM, 2014
That's a very nice summation of things, Cattservant! Spot on.
cattservant 2nd May 4:19 PM, 2014
"Even a stopped clock..."
Paula Richey 2nd May 2:42 PM, 2014
In the days before recorded music, I don't suppose you could possess it ;) now let's see if I can load magic onto an iPod.
MsMegan 2nd May 2:52 PM, 2014
"All MY magic is on vinyl, thank you."
Paula Richey 2nd May 9:25 PM, 2014
*scribbles notes*
And of course you can store your magic electronically, but the quality isn't as good and of course purists prefer live incantations.
MsMegan 3rd May 9:37 AM, 2014
This is starting to sound like some amazing worldbuilding...
Laevateinn 3rd May 10:39 AM, 2014
I don't know - magic CAN be stored on CDs and the quality is pretty decent, but nothing -and I mean NOTHING - stores magic better than VHS tapes (though incantations are the preferred method).
MsMegan 3rd May 10:42 AM, 2014
Yeah, but those wear down over time, and if you accidentally leave them near fridge magnets, goodbye live recording of that 1998 hexing you went to in high school. Laserdisks now...they had all that room for nice artwork and liner notes....
Laevateinn 3rd May 11:49 AM, 2014
Oooohhh good point. Hadn't thought of that... mind you, I was born in 1993, so I don't know all that much about storing magic on tapes and such (though my Mom has STACKS of vinyl records so I've lived around them all my life). Though I do remember when hexes, curses and incantations actually had effort put into them - it's all about how good-looking the spellcaster is nowadays rather than how good their magic is... *grumble*
Kim M 2nd May 4:26 PM, 2014
Does that mean the Beast has strains of magic running through his head all the time, bits of sorcery he can borrow but never keep? And are there spells that just won't go away until he uses them, as earworms won't leave you alone until you hum them? ...This music comparison is intriguing.

(Also, um, it's "possess," not "posses.")
MsMegan 2nd May 4:36 PM, 2014
Oh, geeze *facepalm*. Can I make excuses about being tired? Let's say I was tired.
Kim M 6th May 7:34 PM, 2014
Tired works for me. ;)
Michael 24th Apr 1:14 AM, 2017
Try: fff
for fat finger fault
AbigailBrooks 17th May 4:11 AM, 2014
Oooooh, more hints of world-building! I like it. So magic is like music - unable to be possessed by anyone (so it's more a force of nature, perhaps?), but something they can perhaps create, be a part of, and enjoy?
DawnStar 26th Jul 1:59 AM, 2015
I love that final panel. Mostly because Beast's words made so much sense....
ps- I'm loving this story so far!