Act Two, chapter Two:016

20th May 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, chapter Two:016
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Guest 20th May 12:16 AM, 2014
somebody's turning the tables and asking some questions themselves!
Mistress Dizzy 20th May 12:42 AM, 2014
Oh wow... It's Belle's turn. *grins*
cattservant 20th May 12:57 AM, 2014
Oh my, a question!
Metaceryn 20th May 2:36 AM, 2014
NOBODY expects the Beastly Inquisition! His chief weapon is surprise...surprise and woobie-faces...faces and surprise...his two weapons are woobie-faces and surprise...and excellent taste in classical literature...his three weapons are woobie-faces, surprise, and classical literature ...and an almost constant inability to give a straight answer....his his weapons...amongst his weaponry...are such elements as woobie-faces, surprise....never mind, tell us about yourself, dear.
cattservant 20th May 3:57 PM, 2014
You've got that right!
txinaz 20th May 4:00 AM, 2014
She does not feel like tooting her own horn to much.
Paula Richey 20th May 10:49 AM, 2014
Oh, so there is an area that Beauty is not so forthright.
She's worn that shell so long that she hardly notices it anymore... At least she's not going to roar at *him* over personal questions, right?
Rose 20th May 4:44 PM, 2014
I realize this isn't their culture, but an interesting thing. In native Navajo culture, one identifies themselves by their family, so if you ask about THEM, they will tell you about their family. "tell me about yourself" "well, my aunt is a horticulturist, my mom was a teacher, my dad is a shepherd..." etc.
Lostariel 23rd May 10:08 AM, 2014
Okay, but... Temperance isn't afraid to sacrifice pieces.
MsMegan 23rd May 10:29 AM, 2014
Temperance doesn't afraid of anything, really.
Kim M 11th Jul 1:44 PM, 2014
Ah, nicely done, Beast. That push and pull in communication goes both ways---excellent.
AbigailBrooks 6th Apr 6:21 PM, 2015
Alright, so I'm going to start reviewing again, but we're going to take it nice and slow this time. So this page: they're both really cute in this. I love the Beast's delighted look in the first panel and how cheerful Beauty is. The Beast does raise a good point, though. Beauty does tend to deflect his inquiries about her to talk about her sisters. Does she do this because she doesn't want to discuss herself or doesn't think she has much to say? Or is this an expression of how much she misses her family? Maybe it's both.