Act Two, Chapter Two: 020

3rd Jun 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, Chapter Two: 020
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Jun 12:00 AM, 2014
I really enjoyed drawing all those ruffles. Beauty fussed with her pieces, but didn't actually make a move on this page.


SRHiggins 3rd Jun 8:34 AM, 2014
Ruffles are fun~
cattservant 3rd Jun 12:28 PM, 2014
Reviewing is not always pleasant.
Paula Richey 3rd Jun 2:19 PM, 2014
So, behind her words, Beast has learned....
That Beauty does not really *have* a thought for herself - she thinks of herself, if at all, as a low-value piece that can be sacrificed for the greater good. That she believes of course she's had hard times and been hurt, but that her pain is hardly comparable to someone else's. That she is defined by herrelationships and her capacity for love. That she has no idea how wonderful she is.

I wonder what Beauty plans to ask? Is she going for a direct specific answer with a direct specific question? Or will she try to keep him talking longer with a broad topic? Or is she going to ask why he's interested in her... Since that's probably a question that would come naturally.
Hallan 3rd Jun 6:44 PM, 2014
That's two questions in a row, Beast...
Paula Richey 4th Jun 1:23 PM, 2014
My book arrived!!!!!

Kim M 11th Jul 2:17 PM, 2014
Hahaha...I swear, I wrote the comment on the last page before seeing this one. Clearly, Beauty and I are on the same wavelength. ...For the time being, anyway. :D
Runtytiger 22nd Sep 11:24 AM, 2014
You know looking at this page and thinking about the Beauty and the Beast stories, as well as ( loving the family relationship you added in here as well as the separation of family and the heroes journey), just thinking that all three sisters (Virtue, Temperance, and Beauty) all could play the role of Beauty and have played the role of Beauty in other stories.

Virtue is the gentle Beauty
Temperance is the clever and fiery tempered Beauty ( very much like the Disney version) if this Beast were to meet her, he would indeed be walking on egg shells, lol
And our Beauty is someone a lot can relate to, someone trying to fit in, the gap fillers, wanting more from life. She is the inner child in us that is always learning something new and will face new situations in wonder.

These three sisters may be very different, but times even Beauty exhibit the characteristics found in her other sisters, to be gentle and kind and yet be firm and holding her ground and occasionally even losing her temper in her communication and interaction with the Beast. Loving your webcomic Megan!
AbigailBrooks 6th Apr 6:38 PM, 2015
Wow, by well-off, Beauty /means/ well-off. Her sisters were in fabulous positions before they left. Having to leave all of that behind must have been crushing for them. It speaks of a lot of maturity on Beauty's part to overlook her own disappointment to acknowledge that theirs was greater. Considering how young she was, the temptation imagine that she was the one worst off would have been great (since it often takes awhile for young people to become less self-absorbed like that).

I think this is where I'll end reviewing for today. I may pick this back up later this week, if time allows. As always, I'm loving your comic, Megan!