Act Two, Chapter Two: 021

6th Jun 8:43 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, Chapter Two: 021
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 6th Jun 8:43 AM, 2014
Beauty castles


cattservant 6th Jun 9:54 AM, 2014
Is Beast wearing a magical 'shock collar'?
MsMegan 6th Jun 10:24 AM, 2014
Ha! I had water currents in mind, but that's not a terrible analogy!
cattservant 6th Jun 12:20 PM, 2014
Invisible Fence!
Metaceryn 6th Jun 1:23 PM, 2014
For example, that heart pain(?) Beast had in the music room? That's the castle reminding him that he's not allowed on the good upholstery.
Hallan 7th Jun 9:58 AM, 2014
I have -got- to stop reading these comments while I'm eating breakfast. It's bad for my monitor.
The Doodler 7th Jun 4:59 AM, 2014
The Doodler
I wonder if he's tried to disobey, and if so, what happened.
TolkienOverTwilight 7th Jun 9:45 PM, 2014
Hmm so is Beast somewhat controlled by the magic and the terms of his contract, rather than honoring it of his own free will...?
Kim M 11th Jul 2:25 PM, 2014
"Butenoughaboutme...!" LOL, Beauty.

I love the idea of the contract running under his skin like water currents---tickling little threads and pushy, urgent tugs and pounding, drowning weight. Does it leave him breathless and blinking sometimes like standing under a waterfall? Very cool....
AbigailBrooks 21st Apr 8:11 PM, 2015
I daresay the Beast would know from experience how a lot of change in a short period of time would make someone grow up faster, considering his very literal transformation. It's also very interesting that the Beast's contract gives him feelings and impressions of what his presumed master wants, rather than speaking to him directly. I'm sure we'll see evidence of more of that later.
nathyfaith 17th Feb 11:47 AM, 2016
Hmm, some of my previous ideas are showing ;)
Rosie 21st Sep 3:39 PM, 2018
"A great many changes in a short time sometimes have a way of making a person grow up very quickly."

I feel like I didn't really take this line in the first time I read this page, but it kind of resonates now...